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By Kurt Tanyu (7G) and Dominic Navarro (7G)


     Last August 1, the Xavier students spoke out and chose Carlo Roman of the X3 (Xaverians who Xceed Xpectation) party as its new President. Carlo won over his contender, Lawrence Gatmaitan from the APEX (Active Personalities Enriched by Xavier) party with a total of 891 votes from the students in Grades 4 to 7.

     The Grade 4-7 student population cast their ballots during the homeroom period of August 1. The ballots were then brought down to the Grade One classrooms, where the official counting was held. The Public Relations Officers (PROs) of each classroom counted the ballots. At around 8:30 in the evening, the winners of the 2003-2004 Student Council elections were declared.

   The officers for this year are : Carlo Roman (X3), Emerson Ang (APEX), Vice-President; Paul Ivan Chan (X3), Secretary; Paolo Segovia(X3), as Treasurer; and Angelo Santos (APEX), PRO. The Grade Level Representatives are Douglas Seetekbeng (Gr. 4), Lance Co Ting Keh (Gr. 5), Angelo Ventosa (Gr. 6), and Alen Tan (Gr. 7).

    The new Student Council officers took their Oath of Office last August 4, 2003 during the morning assembly held at the Grade School Quadrangle. The oath was led by the Assistant Principal for Unit 1, Ms. Cleofe Perez, filling in for the Principal, Dr. Eve Baquirin who was out of the country at the time.

    Prior to the elections, the Student Council moderators, led by Ms. Marie Rose Lugapo, organized the annual Leadership Training Seminar (LTS) for the homeroom officers of the Grade School. It was held last July 11 and 12, at the Angelo King Multi-Purpose Hall. The moderators prepared various activities to help the officers understand the true meaning and importance of leadership and service. There were different techniques used to help them learn - games, lectures and icebreakers. There was also a talk given by Mr. Paolo Recio, a law student from the University of the Philippines and a former grade school SC President. The LTS was a success because the officers were very participative and showed much enthusiasm throughout the programs.

     During the LTS, the officers formed their parties and chose the candidates that they would field for the SC elections. The parties were then introduced during morning assembly. Last July 24, the candidates delivered their prepared speeches before the students of Grades 4 to 7 during the Miting de Avance. The Miting de Avance is an annual event here in Xavier School where student-voters get a chance to get to know their candidates better. Many students were engrossed listening to the candidates as most of them talked about their promises, hopes and wishes.

Candidates for President
Lawrence Gatmaitan APEX 304
Carlo Roman X3 891
Candidates for Vice-President
Emerson Ang APEX 647
Marc Sy X3 544
Candidates for Secretary
Miguel Mendoza APEX 552
Paul Ivan Chan X3 628
Candidates for Treasurer
Jake Ejercito APEX 585
Paolo Segovia X3 590
Candidates for Public Relations Officer
Angelo Santos APEX 643
Dale Sy X3 502
Candidates for Grade 4 Level Representative
Douglas Seetekbeng X3 99
Joseph Yap Independent 49
Ryan Carl Yu Independent 56
Jasper Tan Independent 93
Candidates for Grade 5 Level Representative
Miles Que APEX 67
Marquis Tan X3 38
Lance Co Ting Keh Independent 125
Nicholai Go Independent 49
Candidates for Grade 6 Level Representative
Angelo Ventosa APEX 151
Jann Sy X3 138
Candidates for Grade 7 Level Representative
Alen Tan APEX 164
Andrew Yap X3 135


Dominic Navarro is the Class Secretary of Grade 7G St Gregory the Great. Kurt Tanyu of 7G, is a member of both Hoofprint and Symbiosis.

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