Give to Xavier School

Thank you for supporting Xavier School. Your gift makes a huge difference in the lives of students. Let us know where you’d like your donation to go. Just select the beneficiary you would like to donate to from the options below.

Our programs and beneficiaries:

Overall Grant-in-Aid Program

This scholarship fund was founded on the principle that “no boy who is otherwise qualified should be deprived of a Xavier education for financial reasons alone.” Now, you can help support our students who need aid. Read more to know more about our donation packages. Read more.

Fr. Ismael Zuloaga SJ Scholarship Fund (Nuvali Public Schools Grant-in-Aid Program)

This scholarship fund was re-launched in 2012 to support the mandate of Xavier School Nuvali, which is to make Xavier-quality education more accessible by having 25% of the student population on some form of financial aid. Now, every school year, Xavier School Nuvali admits 25 grantee-scholars from public elementary schools. Read more.

Xaverians Para Kay ‘Cher Program

The Para Kay ‘Cher Program (PKC) is a proper channel through which medical assistance to qualified retired teachers of Xavier School can be provided. 

Calamity Relief

This is our emergency fund for helping people in need after a natural calamity or disaster. Know more about our previous disaster relief efforts and how to donate. 

Should you be interested to be a benefactor, please kindly contact us for donation options. Xavier School and Xavier School Educational Trust Fund are registered institutions that are able to provide donation certificates. Thank you very much!

Contact Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO) for more information on how to give to Xavier School at or call (02) 8 723-0481 local 1901 to 1903; 0918-992-8437.