A Paws-itively Wonderful First Day of School

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The first day of school at Xavier Grade School was an exciting event that couldn’t have started better. Following an energetic Open House on June 10 for Kinder to Grade 2 students, on June 11, the school welcomed all students from Kinder to Grade 6.

Eager students made their way to the gates, greeted by the warm smiles of their dedicated teachers. But it wasn’t just the teachers who were excited to welcome the young learners back – friendly school dogs were ready at the gates too, wagging their tails in anticipation.

Students giggled and petted the dogs, instantly easing any first-day jitters. The sight of wagging tails and happy faces set a delightful tone for the day. For many, the interaction with the canine companions provided the perfect distraction while waiting for classes to start.

As students settled into their new classrooms, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement and curiosity. The first day was filled with reconnecting with friends, meeting new classmates, and diving into the fun and learning that lies ahead.

Xavier Grade School is ready to continue igniting the passions of the students and help them build the foundations to become men for others. With such a positive and joyful beginning, the school community is confident that this year will be filled with memorable moments, new discoveries, and countless opportunities for growth. 

Here’s to a great start and an even greater journey ahead at Xavier School!

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