Online Day for SY 2024-2025

15 March 2024

Dear XSSJ Parents and Students, Faculty and Staff,

After a thorough review of the weekly online day this school year, including a new survey to solicit 
your evaluation of the effectivity of the online day for teaching and learning, I would like to announce that for school year 2024-2025, Grades 2 to 12 will continue to have an online day on Wednesdays.

The online day continues to be an experiment. We recognize its advantages for the wellness of 
all, its effectiveness as a learning platform, and the challenges that come with it for different age groups. We will continue to assist our teachers in utilizing effective means of teaching online, and in helping our students learn well online.

For Kinder and Grade 1, classes will continue to be held onsite from Monday to Friday.

The online day may be shifted to another day in the week as the need arises, or declared as an 
onsite day, as we have done this school year.

Thank you very much.

Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ, Ph.D.
School President

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