Parenting During the Pandemic

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The Xavier School Guidance department hosted a talk last February 11, 2021 for high school parents to gather some tips and techniques on how to guide and support their children during this challenging time of pandemic. 

The guest speaker was Maria Naval C. Rivas, MD, FPPS, RPsy. Dr. Rivas is currently the head of the Mental Health Unit at Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC) and a practicing pediatrician in the same hospital. She is also a mother, a licensed psychologist and a faculty at the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health (ASMPH). 

Dr. Rivas discussed the following topics:

• Establishing Routines & Good Habits

• Managing Children’s Screen Time & Online Gaming

• Activities to do with Teens during Quarantine

• Coping with the Pandemic 

• Adolescence: What to expect and how to help your children have a smooth transition from childhood to adolescence

As requested, here is the video recording of the talk for those who who were not able to attend or would like to view it again.  

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