Xaverians Para Kay ‘Cher

Minimum Donation of 500 pesos.



Her name was Noemi Reyes.

In 1983, she began a dedicated professional life teaching thousands of young men at Xavier School. Thirty years later, she succumbed to lingering illness, penniless and with only a handful of family, friends, and former students present to pay their respects.

Only a few years into retirement, her life savings were exhausted on medical bills; mostly her family’s, not her own. She and her family had no income, no medicine, nobody to turn to for help.

She was selfless in the face of declining health, refusing her own treatment so that limited funds could be funneled toward her family’s needs. In effect, she sacrificed her life for the sake of her loved ones. In a bittersweet way, through the pain, she embodied Xavier’s motto of Luceat Lux till the end, letting her light shine brightest in her darkest hour.

But does retirement really have to be this way for people like Mrs. Reyes who spend their careers imparting life’s lessons to impressionable children? We don’t think so. This program called “Para Kay Cher” (PKC), is a proper channel through which medical assistance to qualified retired teachers of Xavier School can be provided.

We all have a “Mrs. Reyes” who helped and inspired us. PKC is envisioned to give back and touch the lives of the men and women to whom we owe much of our formation and growth.

Thank you for your support.