Xavier School’s Grant-in-Aid Program

Minimum Donation of 500 pesos.



An education is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Since its founding, Xavier School has provided assistance to students who could not afford a Xavier education. This practice was institutionalized on May 5, 1966 with the establishment of the Xavier School Educational Trust Fund, Inc. (XSETF). This scholarship fund was founded on the principle that “no boy who is otherwise qualified should be deprived of a Xavier education for financial reasons alone.”

Now, with our Online Donations Page, you can help support our students who need aid. You have the power to pave our students’ road to success.

There are several options to help a student afford a Xavier education. You can opt to donate for a quarter, a semester, a whole year, or any amount that you are ready to provide. Your gift will surely make a big difference in the life of a child … a future Xaverian!