Stallion Magazine & Lit Folio 2019-20

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Stallion Magazine Volume LIX, Issue I is a 68-page collection of editorials, features, and literature written in English, Filipino, and Chinese. It is the cumulative output of the publication, its content having been worked on constantly all throughout the previous school year. 

The current volume features articles on Freedom Walls, De Novo, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, Minecraft, Fr. Xavier Olin, SJ, and many other interesting topics and personalities. 

Read here: Stallion Magazine

The Stallion Literary Folio entitled, Soliloquy, is a zine-like compilation of poetry, prose, and art curated by members of Stallion’s literature and art departments. The Lit Folio aims not only serve as an avenue for members of Stallion to hone their talents in writing, journalism, and visual art, but also to help promote a deeper appreciation of both written and visual media among the Xavier community.

Read here: Stallion Literary Folio

Xavier School thanks the Stallion moderators, editorial board, writers, and contributors for creating and compiling these two collections of expository and literary works that will surely keep the readers informed, entertained, and inspired. These are excellent reading materials to immerse oneself in, most especially while on quarantine. 

Congratulations and Luceat Lux! 

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