Xaverians Dominate Recent International Math Olympiads

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Xaverians from both Grade School and High School once again proved their supremacy in the field of Mathematics by bringing home numerous awards from the competitions they joined. 

Philippine International Mathematical Olympiad (PhIMO) – September 26, 2021
The Philippine International Mathematical Olympiad (PhIMO) is the newest and most sophisticated international mathematics competition among Kindergarten through Grade 12 students. The PhIMO is designed to honor the best learners in the world in mathematical problem-solving through friendly competition and foster cultural exchange among countries that participate therein. The PhIMO is being spearheaded by the Math Olympiads Training League Philippines, Inc. (MOTLI).

Here are the winners of the competition:
David Liam Tan (G6J) – Silver
Yuan Manolo Ramirez (G9A) – Silver
Henry Ian Tan (G2A) – Bronze
Jacques Derek Ong (G6H) – Bronze
Luis Hugo Ramirez (G11A) – Bronze
Jaden Andreas Ang (G6E) – Merit
Enzo Sebastien Choa (G8B) – Merit

Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad (TIMO) – October 24, 2021
TIMO has a world-class faculty that sets a global standard for academic excellence. With the largest number of international students among Asia, and the largest number of students studying abroad, TIMO is among the most respected and desirable competitions in the world. The objective of this competition is to develop Mathematical Olympiad all over the world. With more than 25 participating countries, TIMO is one of the most sophisticated competitions. The examination paper consists of 5 main topics namely Logical Thinking, Arithmetic (Kindergarten / Primary Section) / Algebra (Secondary Section), Number Theory, Geometry, and Combinatorics.

Here’s the list of the awards garnered by the school and its students:


Mazon Zian Chua (G2C)
Gifford Dave Chan (G2L)
Daniel Travis Yu Kim Teng (G3K)
Liam Aurelius Lanaria (G4G)
Riley James Ti of (G6J)
Mikhail Stefan Borbe (G11F)

Edison Ong (Kinder)
Lucas John Aquino (G2B)
Kyle Kramer Ang (G2C)
Alonso Liam Dy Sun (G2D)
Aarav Mehra (G2F)
Simon Marti Mercado (G2H)
Owen Chan (G2J)
Jayden Thompson Ong (G2J)
Martin Carlos Masangkay (G2J)
Rafael Cristiano Tecson (G2L)
Aiden Mason Ang (G2L)
John Colin Cua (G3C)
Kaixer Daren Saw (G3D0
Johann Xavier Go of (G3J)
Javier Angelo Rojas (G3L)
Benson Kenzie Ng (G3L)
Christoff Von Edrich Ang (G4A)
Christian Luis To of (G4A)
Gavin Barcelon of (G4B)
Spencer Stravis Chua (G4B)
Yohji Kenichiro Chua (G4B)
Karl Zachary Fajardo (G4C)
Josiah Nathann Dee (G4D)
Travis Ryker Cua (G4G)
Brayden Connor See (G5B)
Kevin Adrian Yu (G5C)
Dylan Koji Roxas-Chua (G5G)
Sean Alexander Tansipek (G5G)
Andrei Reeve Chua (G5I)
Enzo Philippe Relucio of (G5I)
Zachary Isberto (G6B)
Isiah Emmanuel Ty (G6F)
Jared Christian Cruz (G6H)
Kyle Francis Lato (G6H)
Zachary Ethan Co (G6I)
Yuan Manolo Ramirez (G9A)

Albert Raul Munoz (G2A)
Aidan Drake Sy (G2A)
Henry Ian Tan (G2A)
Matteo Tomas Ray Calara (G2B)
Liam Cayden Natividad (G2B)
Blake Ethan Soco Siy (G2B)
Javier Herrera of (G2C)
Nathan Uy (G2C)
Connor Peyton Yau (G2D)
Thomas Colin Lee Chen (G2E)
Spencer Avery Go (G2E)
Aaron Blake Sy (G2E)
Matteo Javier Tan (G2E)
Matthew Liam Go (G2E)
Edrick Marco Yu Tang (G2F)
Jared Brent Lim (G2G)
Karl Kim (G2H)
Justin Stefan See (G2H)
Lucas Miguel Yedra (G2H)
Akiro Marcus Ang (G2I)
Matthew Angelo Chang (G2I)
Theodore Constantine Rios (G2I)
Alec Logan Chua (G2J)
John Jarvis Lim (G2K)
Kian Tyler Po (G2K)
Ryan Emmanuel Tan (G2L)
Schyller Ince Lao (G3A)
Jacob Nathaniel Lim (G3A)
Andre Lucas Yu (G3A)
Philip Lucas Chan (G3B)
Jacob Oliver Dy (G3B)
Lucas Jared Tieng (G3B)
Kyle Henry Penaloza (G3C)
Tyger Axel Uy (G3C)
Colin Sky Sta. Catalina (G3D)
Marcus Lorenzo Go (G3D)
Matt Gregory Wee (G3D)
Xernan Jr. Alfonso (G3E)
Alfonso Spike De Jesus (G3E)
Matthias Lorenzo Go (G3E)
Caleb James Ang (G3F)
Kenji Ryu Ong (G3F)
Harvey Ian Tan (G3F)
Hansley Grey Yung (G3F)
Greyson Lucas Magturo (G3G)
Daniel Miguel Tan (G3G)
Theodore Vincent Chung (G3H)
Mason Brody Licup (G3H)
Chase Anthony Tiangco (G3H)
Gavin Derrick Pena (G3I)
Kaiser Janssen Uy (G3K)
Pedro Javier Yapjoco (G3L)
Tristan Jakob Fajardo (G4A)
Xavi Tomas Cabrera (G4B)
Kyle Gabriel Chan (G4D)
Drake Steffan Sy (G4D)
Melvin Johan Tan (G4D)
Eduard Matthew De Guzman (G4E)
Isaiah Ezekiel De Ocampo (G4E)
Elijah Simon Lorenzo (G4E)
Justie Meldric Uy (G4E)
Kai Mateo Abaya (G4F)
Liam Miguel Walinsundin (G4F)
Ignacio Javier Quiñones (G4H)
Riley Cooper Ang (G4I)
Regidor Ma. Ponferrada (G5A)
Santino Erik Gonzales (G5B)
Joshua Dwyane Hao (G5D)
Andres Gabriel Atienza (G5F)
Nathaniel Paul Cham (G5F)
Kristian Massimo Nograles (G5F)
Inigo Miguel Rondario (G5F)
Zach Joseph Magat (G5G)
Elijah Markus Valencia (G5G)
Anthony Iii Kyle Andrei Ortiz (G5H)
Scott Levinson Luakian (G5I)
Christopher Noah Chua (G6B)
Travis Emmanuel Ng (G6B)
Brent Johnsen Bobadilla (G6C)
Aidan Cedric Laconico (G6D)
Alexander Miguel Lim (G6G)
Cameron Leone Lorenzo (G6G)
Alejandro Tan (G6G)
Joseph Alvin Enriquez (6H)
Jacques Derek Ong (G6H)
Emilio Javier Uysipuo (G6H)
Lucas Alexander Salvador (G6I)
Rafael William Souza (G6J)
David Liam Tan (G6J)
Colin Karl Tio (G6J)
Luis Hugo Ramirez (G11A)
Miguel Sebastian Borbe (G11G)
River Cadence Cabuñag (G12G)

Daniel George Dominic Cotoco (G2F)
Tobey Philippe Guong (G2G)
Chad Derek Tang (G3I)
Kairos Dy (G3J)
Noah Antonio Panlasigui (G3J)
Yam Darrel Yoby Yu (G3K)
Keifer Benedict Santos (G4C)
Jose Lorenzo Capule (G4F)
Gavin Andrew O (G4G)
Matt Hing of (G4H)
Alexander Mychael Ong (G5B)
Julian Alexander Ongchuan (G5B)
Paxton Travis Tan (G5C)
Luis Benito Policarpio (G5D)
Magnus Szoren Li (G5E)
Thomas Arthur Lai (G5G)
Gavin Tyler Ong (G6A)
Kean Riley Tong (G6B)
Gregory Mitchell Uy (G6B)
Vance Liam Valencia
Kian Matteo Lim (G6J)

Ryu Madden Sy (G6J)


Siam International Math and Science Olympiad (SIMSO) is yet another stellar math-and science-based competition, only based in the Kingdom of Thailand. SISMO is forefront of establishing an event that continues to discover champions around the globe, in the field of numbers and logics of math plus the bizarre yet canny concepts of science.

SIMSO aim to foster the crème-de-la-crème – the top students of Thailand – and develop their talent through our holistic approach to education.

This year’s event recognized the following Xaverians:

Marcus Jaden  Castro (G9C) – Gold
Mikhail Borbe (G11F) – Silver
Ivan Nigel Cua (G9C) – Silver
Sean Pio Derrick (G8A) – Silver
Jack Winston Lim (G9B) – Silver
Miguel Borbe (G11G) – Bronze
Enzo Sebastien Choa (G8B) – Merit


Asian Science and Mathematics Olympiad for Primary and Secondary Schools – Qualifying Round – October 17, 2021
The goal of this competition is to encourage young students to embrace science and math from an early age, and enhance the development of international contacts amongst countries within the Asian region in the field of primary school education especially in science and mathematics.

These are the students who excelled in the competition:

Xavi Tomas Cabrera (G4B)
Magnus Szoren Li (G5E)
Lucas Alexander Salvador (G6I)

Melvin Johan Tan (G4D)
Nathaniel Paul Cham (G5F)
Lance Alexander Lu (G5H)
Aidan Cedric Laconico (G6D)
Branden Royce Tacuboy (G6J)

Lucas Massimo Castillo (G4A)
Matteo Gabriel Franks (G4A)
Spencer Stravis Chua (G4B)
Matthew Colin Guzman (G4D)
Francesco Lindmari Quiamas (G4D)
Raymond Andrei III Kokseng (G4E)
Connor Zachary Ty (G4E)
Bruce Johanes Bobadilla (G4F)
Travis Ryker Cua (G4G)
Pablo Miguel IV Roman (G4G)
Matt Russell Hing (G4H)
Jiang Youze (G4H)
Luis Benito Policarpio (G5D)
Anthony Kyle Andrei III Ortiz (G5H)
Kean Riley Tong (G6B)
Isiah Emmanuel Ty (G6F)
Jared Christian Cruz (G6H)
Kyle Francis Lato (G6H)

Christoff Von Edrich Ang (G4A)
Riley James Ti (G6J)

These students will compete in the national round on November 21, 2021. The international round organized by ASMOPSS Indonesia will be in January 2022.

We also would like to congratulate our students who will advance to the International Junior Math Olympiad (IJMO) which will take place come December 4, 2021. 

The students who qualified in this prestigious competition are:

Emilio Javier Uysipuo (G6H)
Sean Pio Derrick Angeles (G8A)
Jayce Preston Wong (G8G)
Yuan Manolo Ramirez (G9A)

Congratulations, gentlemen, for yet another feat you brought to the school. Luceat Lux!

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