Xaverians Recognized in SASMO 2023

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Created in 2006, SASMO is one of the largest math contests in Asia. It has expanded from 155 local participants during its first year to more than 20,000 participants from 19 countries in SASMO 2016. These contests aim to stretch the untapped thinking potential of the students and help them improve their mathematical skills as well as their higher order thinking skills. 

All students who have won a perfect score and garnered gold, silver, or bronze award in the SASMO from countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas are recognized. Some other countries join locally through paper competitions or going virtual.

For this year, nine Xaverians got recognized for their efforts. They are:
Harold Theodore Lorenzo (G2J) – Gold
Steve Jacob Yu (G3A) – Silver
Spencer Avery Go (G3E) – Bronze
Zachary Isberto (G7A) – Certificate
Aidan Cedric Laconico (G7B) – Bronze
Kyle Francis Lato (G7C) – Honorable Mention
Sean Pio Derek Angeles (G9A) – Gold
Enzo Sebastien Choa (G9B) – Certificate
Jayce Preston Wong (G9G) – Perfect Scorer

Congratulations to our dear students. Luceat Lux!

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