Xavier Chess Teams Shine in ISSA Online Tournament

Xavier School Chess Teams played brilliantly to bring home top awards in the two divisions of the Inter-Scholastic Sports Association (ISSA) Online Chess Tournament held last October 17 and 24.

Champions in the Middle School (MS) Division, XS MS Team A is composed of Ivan Travis Cu (6J), Jack Winston Lim (8B), Jericho Winston Cu (5F), and Philip Gregory Pe (5G). They proved too classy for the competition scoring 17.5 points, while runner up De La Salle Zobel (DLSZ) managed 12, and third placer International School Manila-Green salvaged 11.5 points. The ISSA MS Division are for players born 2006 or younger. This year saw six teams from four schools competing. 


The XS High School Open Division Teams, who remained sharp while continuously training with Coach Rolando Yutuc under the Athletics Department’s FAST Program, brought home both Championship and Second Runner Up honors. XS HSO Team A ousted perennial champion DLSZ-A and finished with 16.5 points. DLSZ-A garnered 13.5, while XS HSO Team B closed in with 10.5 points. A very impressive showing for both XS teams out of a field of nine teams.

HSO XS-A team is composed of Jack Winston Lim (8B), Ivan Travis Cu (6J), Michael Peñalosa (12F), Zachary Ashton Go (11B), Ryan Gabriel Taguba (7B) and Tyrone Edward Tan (12F). The members of HSO XS-B team are Niccolo Gabriel Ripoll (10E), Luis Alfonso Keh (8C), Hayden Audric Go (7F), Jericho Winston Cu (5F), Philip Gregory Pe (5G), and Karl Zachary Fajardo (3B), the youngest player in the team and the tournament.

The Xavier Chessers also won individual board awards:

Middle School Division

Board 1 Gold – Ivan Travis Cu

Board 1 Bronze – Carl Zachary Fajardo

Board 2 Gold – Jack Winston Lim

Board 2 Bronze – Ryan Gabriel Taguba

Board 3 Silver – Jericho Winston Cu

Board 4 Gold – Philip Gregory Pe

Board 5 Silver – Alexander Miguel Lim

Board 6 Gold – Martyn Matthew Judd(4C)

High School Open Division

Board 1 Bronze – Jack Winston Lim

Board 2 Gold – Ivan Travis Cu

Board 3 Gold – Michael Peñalosa

Board 4 Silver – Jericho Winston Cu

Board 5 Gold – Ryan Gabriel Taguba

Board 5 Silver – Karl Zachary Fajardo

Board 6 Gold – Philip Gregory Pe

Board 6 Silver Tyrone Edward Tan

The other member of the team who played in this tournament is Andres Zafra (5I).

Congratulations to the Xavier School Chess Team as well as to Coach Rolly Yutuc. We wish you the best in the coming tournaments.

Luceat Lux!

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