2nd Term After-School Sports Program

September 8, 2022




The Xavier School Athletics Department is offering face-to-face sports programs this second trimester. This is a great opportunity for students to engage in physical activities this school year; learn new skills, improve fitness levels, develop self-confidence and character and other positive traits that help them grow up to be well-rounded individuals. 


For the safety of all participants, the following health guidelines will be strictly implemented:

  1. All registrants must be FULLY VACCINATED at the time of registration. Soft copies of the vaccination cards are required to be uploaded via the online registration form.

  2. All participants will be required to wear masks at all times when inside the Xavier campus. Masks may be removed only during water breaks. Only swimming students who are in the pool will be allowed unmasked.

  3. All coaches are required to be FULLY VACCINATED and have received their Booster shots before July 2022.    

  4. Temperature will be checked upon entry. Students with temperatures of 37.5 or higher will be sent home, and instructed to isolate.

  5. Participants are required to scan their individual Dashlabs.ai QR code before entering the campus. 

  6. Observe physical distancing at all times. Coaches shall frequently remind students to keep distance from each other.

  7. There are alcohol stations in strategic locations in the campus, but participants should still bring their own sanitation and disinfection kits. Classes will have frequent sanitation and disinfection breaks. 

  8. Participants should bring their individual reusable water bottles. Single use plastics are not allowed on campus.

  9. We discourage bringing food and eating inside the campus. If one must eat, proceed to the GS Open Dining Area.

  10. Parents/Companions will not be allowed in the program venues. All companions will be asked to stay and wait in the Fetchers’ Area. Swimming coaches/staff will pick up young participants from the Fetchers’ Area before the activity, and will bring the students back after the session.

Parents/Companions Waiting Areas





Table Tennis


Gate 4




Gate 9

All programs are designed and handled by Xavier School varsity coaches and partners. All of them are competent and experienced in delivering quality content and activities. Please click on the link below for the list of programs, schedules and fees. 




All courses are also open to non-Xaverians, both boys and girls.  Please send an email to athletics-mail@xs.edu.ph and marycagcaoili@xs.edu.ph for further inquiries. 

Registration Procedure:

  1. Accomplish the online registration form here: https://bit.ly/2223XSSJSportsProgramReg2


For SWIMMING please use this form: https://bit.ly/Swimming2ndTerm


  1. Await payment instructions which will be sent to your registered email address.

  2. Follow the instructions on remitting payment and sending proof of payment back to us.

  3. You will then receive the registration confirmation after payment has been verified. 



The following conditions apply to all courses:


  • Slots are limited due to smaller class sizes. We follow the First-Come-First-Served policy. 

  • All classes are subject to cancellation if the minimum number of enrollees is not reached.

  • No transfer or refund shall be allowed after the 2nd session has transpired.

  • Attendance is the responsibility of the enrollee or his/her parents.  No make-up sessions shall be permitted except when the school cancels classes/activities.



Thank you very much.

Gerard Laurence N De Las Peñas
Athletics Director

Noted by:

Fr Aristotle C Dy, SJ





Saturdays               8:00am-10:00am 



Oct 22-Nov 12-19-26-Dec 3-10-17-Jan 7


Min Age =7YO                     Max Students per Class = 24

Jaime Llanes ~ Head Coach 

                         XS Badminton Team




120-min ~ 8 sessions

BASKETBALL – TY Tang Basketball School


Tuesdays/Saturdays          3:30pm-5:30pm


Tuesdays: Sep 27-Oct 4-11-18

Saturdays:  Oct 1-8-15-22

Tue & Sat: Sep 27-Oct 1-4-8-11-15-18-22


Min Age = 5YO               Max Students per Batch = 60

TY Tang Basketball School


Tuesdays & Saturdays

(120-min ~ 8 sessions)



Tuesdays or Saturdays

(120-min ~ 4 sessions)



 Bring your own basketballs!

Size 5 or Size 7


BASKETBALL – Xavier Basketball Academy


Wednesdays              4:00pm-6:00pm 

Saturdays                  8:00am-10:00am     



Wednesdays:  Sep 28-Oct 5-12-19-26

Saturdays: Oct 1-8-15-22-Nov 12

Wed & Sat: Sep 28-Oct 1-5-8-12-15-19-22-26-Nov 12


Min Age = 6YO                  Max Students per Batch = 60 

Xavier Basketball Academy


Wednesdays & Saturdays

 (120 min ~ 10 sessions)



Wednesdays or Saturdays

(120-min ~ 5 sessions)




Tuesdays/Thursdays      4:00pm-5:30pm           


Tuesdays: Oct 4-11-18-25-Nov 8-15

Thursdays: Oct 6-13-20-27-Nov 10-17

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 

Oct 4-6-11-13-18-20-25-27-Nov 8-10-15-17


Min Age = 7YO                   Max Students per Level = 20

IA Rolando Yutuc ~ Head Coach 

                                XS Chess Team


Tuesdays & Thursdays

(90-min ~ 12 sessions)

P7,000.00 – Beginner/Intermediate

P9,000.00 – Advanced


Tuesdays or Thursdays

(90-min ~ 6 sessions)

P4,000.00 – Beginner/Intermediate

P5,000.00 – Advanced



Saturdays                  7:30am-9:00am

Sundays                    8:00am-9:30am


Saturdays: Oct 8-15-22-Nov 12-19-26

Sundays:   Oct 9-16-23-Nov 13-20-27

Saturdays & Sundays:

Oct 8-9-15-16-22-23-Nov 12-13-19-20-26-27


Min Age = 6YO                  Max Students per Batch = 60

XS Varsity Coaches ~ Wilhelm Laranas, XS Football Program Head 


Saturdays & Sundays

(90-min ~ 12 sessions)


P3,000.00 – varsity rate


Saturdays or Sundays 

(90-min ~ 6 sessions)


P2,000.00 – varsity rate




Mondays                   4:00pm-5:30pm

Saturdays                 8:00am-9:30am


Mondays: Oct 3-10-17-24-Nov 7-14 

Saturdays: Oct 8-15-22-Nov 12-19-26

Mondays & Saturdays:

Oct 3-8-10-15-17-22-24-Nov 7-12-14-19-26


Min Age = 7YO                  Max Students per Batch = 24

Karate Development Arts & Sports

David Lay ~ former Head Coach Philippine Karate Team


Mondays and Saturdays

(90-min ~ 12 sessions)



Mondays or Saturdays

(90-min ~ 6sessions)




Learn To Swim

Monday & Wednesday: 2:30pm-3:30pm; 4:00pm-5:00pm


Tuesday & Thursday: 2:30pm-3:30pm; 4:00pm-5:00pm



            7:30am-8:30am           1:00pm-2:00pm

             9:00am-10:00am         2:30pm-3:30pm

             10:30-11:30am            4:00pm-5:00pm



Club: Monday to Thursday & Saturdays 5:00pm-7:00pm


Minimum Age = 5YO  

Max Students per Time Slot = 20

Bert Lozada Swim School ~

Jhazee Manalo, Head Coach 


LTS 10-Session Packages

Own Bubble:

One-on-One = P11,500.00

2 Persons = P19,000.00

3 Persons = P22,500.00

4 Persons = P28,000.00


Mixed P8500.00 (Max of 5 students per class)


Club Rate:

Varsity: 1 month    P3,000

            : 3 months  P8,250


XS Students: 1 month   P4,000

                     : 3 months P11,250


Non-XS Students: 1 month P4,500

                           : 3 months P12,250




Wednesdays           4:00pm-5:45pm

Saturdays                8:00am-9:45am


Wednesdays: Oct 5-12-19-26-Nov 9-16

Saturdays: Oct 8-15-22-Nov 12-19-26

Wednesdays & Saturdays:

Oct 5-8-12-15-19-22-26-Nov 9-12-16-19-26


Minimum Age = 7YO         Max Students per Class = 24

Ireland Cabrido ~ Head Coach

                         XS Table Tennis Team

Wednesday & Saturdays

(105-min ~ 12 sessions)



Wednesdays or Saturdays

(105 min ~ 6 sessions)





Thursdays             4:00pm-5:30pm

Saturdays            10:30am-12:00pm 


Thursdays:   Oct 6-13-20-27-Nov 10-17

Saturdays: Oct 8-15-22-Nov 12-19-26

Thursdays & Saturdays:

Oct 6-8-13-15-20-22-27-Nov 10-12-17-19-26


Minimum Age = 5YO                         Max Students = 24   

XS Varsity Coaches ~ Jobet Morales,

XS Taekwondo Program Head


Thursdays & Saturdays

(90-min ~ 12 sessions)



Thursdays or Saturdays

(90 min ~ 6 sessions)




Saturdays              Beginner Level:     8:00am-9:30am 

                                Advanced Level:  10:00am-11:30am


Nov 12-19-26-Dec 3-10-17-Jan 7-14-21-28


Minimum Age = 7YO         Max Students per Level = 10

Carlos Austria ~ Head  Coach, 

                           XS Tennis Team


P4,000.00 – Beginner

P5,000.00 – Advanced


90-min ~ 10 sessions

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