2nd Trimester for SY 2020-2021


20 August 2020


Dear Students, Parents, Faculty and Staff of Xavier School,


On April 28, close to four months ago, Xavier School announced the plans for this school year, including the trimester structure and the commitment to hold the first trimester fully online, owing to public health and safety concerns brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.  We said then that any consideration of returning to onsite classes would take into account the advice of the national and local governments, medical experts, and our own school administration.  We were hoping that the situation would have improved after several months, allowing us to physically return to school by October 5. 


However, all indications point to the reality of a continuing crisis. The public school system will not even start their school year until October 5. Recognizing the need to plan, both logistically and mentally,  for the second trimester, specially for those who are based outside Metro Manila and Laguna, I would like to announce that the second trimester from October 5 to December 18 will also be conducted fully online, following the Xavier School E-Learning (XSEL)  structures that are already in place.


There will be a break at the end of October, and for Christmas. Please note the following dates.


October 29, Thursday:            Start of Mid-Term Break


November 3, Tuesday:            Faculty and Staff resume work


November 4, Wednesday:      ODL resumes


December 19, Saturday:         Start of Christmas break


January 4, Monday:                 Faculty and Staff resume work


January 5, Tuesday:                Start of Third Trimester; Mode of delivery TBA



The XSSJ Senior High School unit, which is following a semestral structure, will announce their own schedule to align with the institutional calendar.


I would like to thank the entire community for the great outpouring of support and cooperation during these unprecedented and extraordinary times. Our experiences now will define the quality of Xavier education in the future, and it gives me great comfort to witness the learning and growth that is unfolding in all of us, but most especially in our students.


As we settle into our “new normal” in the short-term, let us also continue reflecting on what more we can do to assist those who do not have access to the same resources. Despite our own struggles and difficulties, let us nurture a grateful heart and think of ways to be persons for others at this time.


Thank you very much.





Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ, Ph.D

School President


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