3rd Trimester for SY 2020-2021


23 October 2020


Dear Students, Parents, Faculty and Staff of Xavier School,



Further to my circular dated August 20, I would like to announce that our third trimester from January to March will still be conducted online following our Xavier School E-Learning (XSEL) structures.


Although public restrictions on movement and assembly are slowly being lifted, a full return to onsite learning will still not be possible given current trends and realities. Instead, if national and local government authorities as well as the Department of Education allow, some special activities in school can be organized for Grades 10-12 students. We are open to this possibility and will be considering it seriously, also as part of planning for various modalities next school year, 2021-2022, which we expect to begin on June 14, 2021.


Kindly note that we have planned the calendar carefully so that regardless of the modality of Xavier education, whether this is onsite or online, we can return to a June-March calendar by next school year.


Please be reminded of the following dates. Other details will be announced in due time.


October 29, Thursday

Start of Mid-Term Break

November 4, Wednesday

ODL resumes

December 19, Saturday

Start of Christmas break

January 4, 2021, Monday

Faculty and Staff resume work

January 5, Tuesday

Start of Third Trimester

March 19, Friday

End of Third Trimester 

As promised during enrollment, there will be refunds made in March for certain miscellaneous fees that are under-utilized during the XSEL period.


Once again, let me thank you all for the great spirit of openness, flexibility, and generosity that you have exhibited during this extraordinary school year.


Thank you very much.





Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ, Ph.D

School President



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  1. Sally

    I hope that classes for SY 2021-2022 will still be conducted online. This is in light of the new strains of Covid-19 virus and the lack of concrete plan and mass access to the vaccines. Given this precarious situation, it’s scary to be conducting face-to-face classes.

    We will greatly appreciate if the school can announced early on whether SY2021-22 will be conducted online or face to face? Thanks.

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