Continuation of Online Wednesdays (September 06, 2023)

Dear XSSJ Faculty and Staff, Parents, and Students,

After extensive evaluation and consultations regarding our practice of Online Wednesdays, including a survey that many of you participated in, Xavier School San Juan has learned that while being spared from the stress of travel and traffic once a week has contributed greatly to overall wellness, there are also age-related experiences that are quite significant in the primary years.  

Therefore, I would like to announce that Kinder and Grade 1 classes will be fully onsite starting October and for the rest of the school year. 

Online Wednesdays will continue for Grades 2 to 12. However, the school will require onsite Wednesdays as the need arises, like this month of September. The Grade School and High School Principal’s offices will also undertake measures to mitigate the difficulties encountered by students and parents during online days. 

Please be guided by the following:

Thank you very much for your usual cooperation.

Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ, Ph.D
School President

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