Directions and Major Dates for SY 2021-2022

Date : 18 January 2021
To : Members of Xavier School Community
From : The School President
Re : Directions and Major Dates for SY 2021-2022

For the past few years, the school has been announcing the major dates for the coming school year at around this time. Due to the pandemic and the experience of Xavier School E-Learning (XSEL) this school year, I would like to announce that we will continue following a trimestral schedule for 2021-2022. This is not yet a permanent structure, but after much discussion and planning, we foresee that much of school year 2021-2022 may still be delivered online due to the public health situation, especially for the primary levels (Kinder to Grade 4).

We will continue to announce the mode of delivery (online, onsite, or blended) shortly before each trimester begins. This flexibility is important in recognition of the ideal setting for basic education, and the long-term effects of being confined to the home. Rest assured that any decision we make in this regard will always prioritize health and safety, and will be in compliance with all national and local government guidelines. As we all know, there is still no clarity about the availability and deployment of vaccines in our country, and the expected change, if any, in the mobility of minors. Details of onsite learning, if ever it becomes possible, are still being designed and will be announced in due course.

Please pray for the administrators and faculty as we evaluate the XSEL curriculum and formation programs, plan for the next school year, and envision the necessary transitions in the coming years.

In the meantime, kindly take note of the following major dates for School Year 2021-2022:

Major Dates for SY 2021-2022



April 12-23

Enrollment (San Juan)

April 26, Monday

Staff Back to Regular Work (details TBA)

April 26 – 30

Enrollment (Nuvali)

May 3, Monday

Faculty Back to Work

May 5 – 28

Delivery of Books and Supplies

June 14, Monday

Opening of Classes / Start of 1st Trimester (until September 10)

September 11-14, Saturday to Tuesday

Term Break

September 15, Wednesday

Start of 2nd Trimester (until December 17)

October 30, Saturday

Start of “Undas” Break

November 8, Monday

Work Resumes for Faculty and Staff

November 9, Tuesday

Classes Resume

December 18, Saturday

Start of Christmas Break



January 4, Tuesday

Work Resumes for Faculty and Staff

January 5, Wednesday

Classes Resume / Start of 3rd Trimester (until March 18)

March 18, Friday

Last day of exams for Undergraduates (San Juan and Nuvali)

Grade 10 Moving Up Ceremony (San Juan)

March 22, Tuesday

Grade 10 Moving Up Ceremony (Nuvali)

March 23, Wednesday

Grade School Closing Ceremony (San Juan)

March 24, Thursday

High School Graduation (San Juan)

March 25, Friday

Grade School Closing Ceremony (Nuvali)

High School Graduation (Nuvali)

Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ, Ph.D
School President

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  1. Claire Tan Saycon

    Thank you Xavier School for mapping out the schedule for next school year in advance. I, as a parent appreciate this very much so that we can plan ahead. May 2021 – 2022 be a brighter year for all despite this pandemic.

  2. Althia Yu


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