Grade school and high school Xaverians recognized at TIMO 2020

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Last October 25, 2020, Xaverians from the grade school and high school units earned recognitions in the heat round of the Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad (TIMO), which was held online.

TIMO is an annual mathematical competition that boasts 19 country partners. While majority of mathematical olympiads only present opportunities to a small percent of elite students, TIMO provides an opportunity for all students with strong interest in mathematics to participate in a competitive event. TIMO lets the contestants evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses on a broad range of mathematical concepts. 

The following Xaverians were awarded for their outstanding performance in the Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad (TIMO) 2020 Heat Round in a ceremony held on November 6, 2020: 

Steve Jacob Yu – Gr. 1
Sean Pio Derrick Angeles – 7A
Richwynn Cedric Ong – 12B
Matthew Shawn Tansiongkun – 12A

Henry Ian Tan – Gr. 1
David Liam Tan – Gr. 5
Isiah Ty – Gr. 5
Mikhail Stefan Borbe – 10C

Hans Kenzo Pama – 8B
Yuan Manolo Ramirez – 8A
Marcus Sean Tansiongkun – 10C
Luis Hugo Ramirez – 10C
Lance Gavin Pama – 8B
Miguel Borbe -10B

The Xavier community extends its warmest congratulations to our delegates.
Luceat lux!

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  1. Denis Ty

    Isiah Ty and David Liam Tan are Grade 5. Thanks

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