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Members of Xigma, the high school math club, brought pride and glory to Xavier School through their recent victories in three international competitions: the World Mathematics Invitational, International Mathematics Wizards Challenge, and Math Without Borders. 

2020 World Mathematics Invitational

The World Mathematics Invitational (WMI)  gathers institutes and organizations worldwide that invest in promoting and popularizing mathematics. Through interacting with other math-loving students from 27 different countries, WMI participants can expand their worldview, experience different cultures, and broaden their horizons on an international scale. 

Last October 25, 2020, the following Xaverians were recognized by the WMI awarding body: 

Yuan Ramirez (G8A) – Bronze
Richwynn Ong (G12A) – Silver
Matthew Tansiongkun (G12B) – Merit

International Mathematics Wizards Challenge 2020 (IMWIC)

The IMWIC is a contest open for all students from primary to secondary levels. IMWIC was created to engage students to further their knowledge and awareness of mathematics through competition, providing opportunities for students to develop their reasoning abilities and creative thinking skills. By promoting excellence in mathematics, IMWIC also hopes to encourage its participants to forge friendships  through friendly competition, cultivating better understanding and mutual respect across diverse cultures. This year, the Philippine delegates won 33 gold, 101 silver, and 324 bronze awards.

Among the awardees, these Xaverians were recognized last November 14, 2020:

Hans Kenzo Pama (G8B) – Bronze
Anthony Vince Co (G9C) – Bronze
Lance Gavin Pama (G10C) – Bronze
Marcus Tansiongkun (G10C) – Bronze

Math Without Borders Autumn Round 2020

Living up to its name, Math Without Borders overcame pandemic restrictions by holding the Autumn Round of the tournament in an online format. 18,700 students from 18 countries – Afghanistan, Australia, Bulgaria, China, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malta, the Philippines, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam – took part in this round. 

Xaverians were, once again, recognized during this round of WMC on October 31, 2020:

Lance Pama (G10C) – Certificate
Josh Cua (G11A) – Silver
Matthew Tansiongkun (G12B) – Silver
Yuan Ramirez (G8A) – Silver
Kenzo Pama (G8B) – Bronze

Congratulations again to our triumphant Math competitors! Keep on pursuing excellence in all that you do. 

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