Reminders on Proper Waste Disposal and Segregation

Date : 17 February 2023
To : Xavier School Community (San Juan and Nuvali)
Fr : XS Environmental Advocacy Committee
Re : Reminders on Proper Waste Disposal and Segregation

As we continue our school efforts on protecting our environment, please be reminded of the following:

  1. Observe proper disposal and segregation of all solid waste at all times using the Color Coded Garbage Bins located at the end of each hallway and in common areas. Separate bins and boxes are also provided for used face masks and uncrumpled paper, respectively. Do not leave your trash on top of the garbage bins.
  2. Before disposing, please make sure that the food containers, glass bottles, other containers and/or plastics are empty and clear from any liquid, food wastes and/or leftover food to avoid attracting insects and to minimize unpleasant odors.
  3. Food packaging should be flattened before disposing in the YELLOW bins. Big cardboard and pizza boxes after big activities should be placed on top of the YELLOW bin so that they can be recycled.
  4. Restroom trash bins are for used tissue paper and other hygiene-related products only. Use of wet wipes is highly discouraged. Wet wipes, if not properly disposed of, will clog our sewerage system. Food wastes should also not be thrown in the restroom trash bins.
  5. Smaller bins will be placed in the washing areas/sinks in the common areas and/or pantries so that food waste may be disposed of properly before washing your personal food container. The sink/ wash area should always be kept clean and clear of debris/food particles after washing so as not to cause clogging of the sink.
  6. Pursuant to the school memo last SY18-19 regarding the NO PET BOTTLE POLICY IN SCHOOL, please note:
    • PET bottles are not served and not allowed inside the school premises.
    • Bring your own water bottles/ containers.
    • Dispose of PET bottles before entering the school premises at the BLUE garbage bins/ receptacles, which may be found at the entrance gates and other common areas.
    • Ensure that the PET bottles are empty and clear of any liquid before disposing.
  7. The use of Polystyrene (styrofoam), other PS-related materials, single-use plastics (SUPs) and other similar plastic packaging (such as styrofoam food containers, plastic cups, plastic spoon/ forks, plastic straw) is highly discouraged inside the campus or in school activities conducted off-campus.
    • Everyone is encouraged to BYOB (Bring Your Own Baonan/Bottles)/ BYOU (Bring Your Own Utensils) to school to reduce, if not eliminate single-use plastic water bottles, food containers, spoons, forks, and the like.
    • Canteen concessionaires will not provide food trays, plastic or sando bags, plastic lid cover & straw, disposable spoon and fork, and other single-use plastic items.
  8. Please request your food deliveries to be packed in environment-friendly, reusable containers and not in polystyrene (PS) styrofoam containers, other PS-related materials, single-use plastics (SUPs), and other similar plastic packaging. Do not request for cutleries.
  9. For personal packaged deliveries: Everyone is highly encouraged to unbox or open their Shoppee/ Lazada/ Grab deliveries at home to lessen the waste like bubble wraps/ plastic pouches, etc. in the campus. Plastic packaging/pouches, and bubble wrap should be brought home for disposal. Boxes used for such deliveries should be flattened before disposing in the YELLOW bins or left on top of the YELLOW bins so that they can be recycled.
  10. Office e-wastes such as batteries, broken electronic devices, etc. should be segregated and placed in e-waste bins that will be provided at the exit gates.
  11. Canteen concessionaires are required to bring home and dispose of used oil and food wastes.
  12. Bookstore/ X-Shop/ i-Campus are expected to observe the guidelines of Xavier School. All school-related materials/ items available for sale should be packed in environment-friendly packaging. Please bring your own shopping/ eco bags when buying materials from the said shops.
  13. Activities led and initiated by auxiliary offices like XACCOOP, XSPA, and AAXS, and a other offices are to observe the same guidelines on waste disposal and segregation.

As one of our thrusts this year is “Caring for Communities and Creation”, we enjoin all students, faculty & staff, parents, alumni, and guests to observe these guidelines,

It is our goal to have an effective waste management system in place, thus we are counting on everyone’s support and cooperation to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE. We welcome and appreciate feedback and suggestions ( ) to make Xavier School an eco-friendly school.

Let us work together in protecting Mother Earth. If not now, when? Remember that the Power is on YOU! #ThePoWeRisOnYOU #EduCampaignSincerely,

Ms. Allyn C. Go Tian
Coordinator, Environmental Advocacy Committee

Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ
School President

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