Updated Guidelines regarding the COVID-19 Outbreak



17 February 2020

To: All Parents
From: The School President
Re: Updated Guidelines regarding the COVID-19 Outbreak
Peace! As we continue to face a Global Health Emergency in the COVID-19 outbreak, we urge everyone to cooperate in ensuring that we keep ourselves healthy and our School community safe by observing the following guidelines (in line with Health Advisories issued earlier):

  • Per current DOH guidelines, any person who travels to China, Macau, or  Hong Kong, or had EXPOSURE to a confirmed COVID-19, case:
    • if with symptoms within 14 days of travel or exposure – will be considered a Person Under Investigation (PUI) and should have him/herself ADMITTED and wait for test results. 
    • If no symptoms – will be considered as Person under monitoring (PUM) and should do Home quarantine for two weeks.
  • There are many other places affected by the virus (see the attached table: Countries, territories or areas with reported confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths. Data as of 11 February 2020).  In this regard, all are enjoined to observe the following:
    • All are strongly encouraged to postpone non-essential travels, in light of the rapid spread of the virus across the globe.
    • In case the need for travel cannot be avoided as it is already committed or due to an emergency, please be guided by the following:
      • Please declare your travel details (city/country, inclusive dates) to the School Principal.
      • The School Principal will arrange a precautionary protocol for you and your children, which may include self-quarantine.
      • If not coming from affected places but suffering from any of the respiratory symptoms below, associated with COVID-19, one is advised to seek immediate medical attention.
        • runny nose
        • headache
        • cough
        • sore throat
        • fever
        • difficulty in breathing
        • general feeling of being unwell
      • Please note that the school infirmary physicians can only issue a medical clearance IF one already  has a  clearance from his/her own physician.

This memo is being issued to reiterate the information issued in earlier Health Advisories (see attached), and to highlight the importance of continued vigilance.
Thank you very much. 
Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ, Ph.D.
School President

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