XS Christmas Drive 2020

02 November 2020

Dear Xavier School Parents and Students,

Our annual CHRISTMAS DRIVE generates resources for the school’s Alay Kapwa fund, which is used to provide immediate response during natural calamities, to support Jesuit apostolates that directly serve the most needy in society, and to contribute to charitable causes and programs in the name of the school.  We thank you for your support last year. Donations in cash and in kind went to several civic organizations who help the marginalized, the homeless and disabled, persons deprived of liberty, the elderly, orphans, and street children. We also drew from the fund to provide a few tranches of calamity assistance to our guards and janitors during the pandemic.

We are aware that we all live in difficult times due to the pandemic, and that the Parents’ Auxiliary has also knocked on your hearts to contribute to the Christmas program for the faculty and staff.  Nonetheless, we cannot let the coming Christmas season pass without making an effort to assist “the last, the least, and the lost” in society, and thus we are still launching our Christmas Drive. 

In the past, your food donations helped us prepare ‘Pamaskong Handog’ bags and ‘Noche-Buena’ baskets for our agency personnel. These are our loyal and hardworking janitors and security guards, who were able to bring these grocery bags home to share with their families during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

This year’s Christmas Drive will prioritize disaster assistance to communities devastated by recent typhoons, especially in the Bicol region, our agency personnel and other groups and/or individuals who are greatly affected by the present health crisis.  We hope to bring the spirit of Christmas to them and their families amidst this pandemic. 

The drive will run for a period of 6 weeks, starting November 4 until December 11, 2020.  Through your kindness and generosity, we hope you can donate in kind or in cash.

Rice (in 2-kilo, 5-kilo, 25-kilo bags/sacks)    

Canned Goods:  Meat and Sardines     

Instant Noodles

Sugar (in 1-kilo packs)

Instant Coffee (100g packs)

Health Care Kit (Alcohol, Face Masks, Vitamins) 


A. Donations in cash or check (payable to Xavier School Inc.) may be sent through the following:

● Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) 

Account Name:  Xavier School Inc. 

Account Number:   7590520273

● G-Cash/ Paymaya : 09214238682 

Note: Please send your proof of donation (screenshot or deposit slip) with your name and/or your son’s name, grade level & section to xmasdrive-mail@xs.edu.ph for documentation purposes. 

● Or you may send the donations directly to the Accounting Office of Xavier School (Gate 2). 

Please be reminded that safety and health protocols should be observed while inside the school premises.  

B.  Donations in kind

● Please drop off goods for donation at GATE 4, 9 and 14 ONLY, between 8:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M.  Kindly donate ONLY those items that are listed above.

To help ensure that your donations are distributed to the beneficiaries before Christmas, we would like to request that you send in all your donations on or before DECEMBER 11, 2020.

Given the outpouring of love every year, we have no doubt that the Christmas Drive envisioned by our Jesuit school pioneers will continue to be successful in reaching more and more people and families in need.

Yours in Christ,

Campus Minister
School President

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