SHS Kongresong Pampananaliksik 2023: Sulong, Lakbayin ang Makabuluhang Pananaliksik!

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Born in 2017 through the initiative of the Dragon Batch, Kongresong Pampananaliksik is now in its 7th year of campaign for scholarly research. The original version of the event consisted of select High 4 (Grade 12) students presenting their Filipino research papers to their batchmates and High 3 (Grade 11) counterparts. With its first run being a huge success, the gathering expanded to include research presentations in the English language, and eventually extended to showcase research-based outputs from all subjects in the Senior High School, with its audience also broadening to involve other nearby private schools.

Aside from written research papers, Kongresong Pampananaliksik also features creative projects that employ research skills and knowledge like The Group 4 Project of the IB Diploma Program, and the multi-faceted products of the Project-Based Learning Program of the SHS Standard Tracks. With the consistent positive feedback on the event, the Grade 11 students who were initially just spectators were included in the pool of presenters in 2020, finally putting to practice what they have been witnessing through the years.

The event has garnered continuous momentum that despite the pandemic hitting and halting most of the events in school, the working committees were able to hold an online congress in 2021-2022, dubbed SHS Learning Summit, with the same aim and structure but with all the technological features warranted by the modality.

This year’s theme of the Kongresong Pampananaliksik, onsite once again, is “Sulong, Lakbayin ang Makabuluhang Pananaliksik,” urging participants to step forward, break boundaries, and engage in more extensive and meaningful research that benefits the society. This concept came into mind as it is now in this highly digital age that thorough scrutiny of information consumed regularly should be more consciously enforced. With the school’s multiple curricular and extracurricular endeavors geared towards engaged citizenship, the thrust of this year’s Kongreso proves to be a meaningful culmination that will, hopefully, kindle the students’ quest for truth and social justice.

Furthering the theme of the congress, Ms. Karen Davila, an award-winning broadcast journalist and news anchor, research advocate, women and children’s rights champion, and human rights protector, gave the keynote speech in front of all the Grade 11 and 12 students, teachers, and administrators, as well as the guests from various public and private schools around Metro Manila. As a proponent of credible reporting herself, she emphasized on the role of responsible consumption and dissemination of information. Her talk centered on the importance of meticulous research in the height of dis-and-misinformation rampant in today’s media sources – proceeding to give notorious examples of fake news in modern media and basic ways on how to combat them. Albeit simple, Ms. Davila’s premise is bound to be a reminder to the audience to “not share content that is unverified and false” and “control their click,” her resounding ending to a discussion worth acting upon.

While Ms. Davila’s talk was the focal point of the event, equally highlighted are the breakout sessions where Xaverians and students from the guest schools have presented their own research papers and other works to their eager audience. Presentations featuring IB Extended Essays, papers in English, Filipino, Economics, and Business Management, and proposals in Project-Based Learning Programs showcased the talents and passions of these young researchers to contribute something valuable to their own communities and the society at large.

The whole day event was a day full of learning and entertainment as not only did the participants share their researched works, but they were also delighted by song and dance performances by Xavier’s homegrown talents during the networking lunch. De Novo performed two song numbers, including 青春修炼手册 (Manual of Youth) by TFBOYS, sung in the original Chinese language. Stage FX, the school’s theater group, also performed some of their songs from their recently-staged play, “Tick… Tick… Boom!” And last but never the least, the Xavier boys had the chance to interact with the guests from other schools through games and activities headed by the student leaders of the SCEB and Council of Class Officers (CoCo). All participants went home with heads full of knowledge of diverse topics, and hearts brimming with memories and experiences they have surely missed these past years.

Surely, Kongresong Pampananaliksik 2023 is considered monumental not only for its reemergence after the 3-year worldwide hiatus, but also for its promotion of a skill necessary and crucial to nation-building. Headed by John Benedict Quintin, a Grade 12 student, the congress came together through the collective efforts of all the student and teacher committees, student marshals, and other volunteers, and with the support and assistance from the High School administrators, faculty, staff, and other personnel. Partners in this endeavor are C&E Learning Systems Incorporated, Sunlite Marketing, and Unilab, providing fundings in various forms. Thanks to these generous individuals and sponsoring organizations that made this event possible, the strong fight for integrity continues.


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