Xaverian math competitors gain more international recognitions

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Xaverians have continued to earn recognitions at mathematics competitions over the past few months. We are proud to announce the victorious students from three recent competitions, the International Singapore Maths Competition, Asian Science and Maths Olympiad, Singapore International Maths Olympiad Challenge, as well as the honorees of this year’s Youth Excellence in Science Awards.

International Singapore Maths Competition – March 6, 2020

Earlier this year, the youngest members of the high school community went up against over 12,000 students form 24 different countries at the ISMC, garnering 13 medals.

The International Singapore Maths Competition (ISMC) aims to promote excitement and enthusiasm in mathematics among primary school students. It accomplishes this through a competition that is of a high standard, providing deserving students with prestigious achievement and introducing them to the educational arena of mathematical competition.

The following Grade 7 students were recognized this year:

Sean Pio Derrick Angeles – 7A
Emmanuel Gabriel Tan – 7A

Kai Wyn Uy – 7C
Ethan Jacob Liao – 7C
Drake Yaomuntek – 7C
Jacob Agcaoili – 7A
Daniel Thomas Beng Hui – 7C
Tyler Samuel Lim – 7A
Conner Tan – 7C

Hans Davidson Go – 7A
Juan Carlos Mendoza – 7A
Brent Jared Avelino – 7A
Bryan Gillian Go – 7A
Lance Tangsoc – 7B

Asian Science and Maths Olympiad 2020 – August 22, 2020

Asian Science and Maths Olympiad International (ASMO) 2020 is a relatively new platform that aims to expand the level of competition among primary and secondary students, providing them with opportunities to compete internationally. It is designed to test student’s knowledge in Mathematics and Science at their grade level.

Five Xaverians were awarded in ASMO’s Philippines State Round for Mathematics this year:

  • Sean Pio Derrick Angeles, 7A  – Gold
  • Mikhail Borbe, 10C – Merit
  • Lyonel Ching, 11A – Gold
  • Richwynn Ong, 12B – Silver
  • Matthew Tansiongkun, 12A – Bronze

Singapore International Math Olympiad (SIMOC) 2020 last October 24, 2020

Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge (SIMOC) is a one-of-a-kind mathematics competition which not only tests the ability to solve mathematical problems in a traditional sense, but also tests the ability to work as a team, to play interactive games and to solve puzzles. SIMOC gives our students an opportunity to compete with top young minds in mathematics from around the world and learn from each other as a team.

Competing against thousands of students from 15 countries, four Xaverians earned recognitions at SIMOC:

Sean Pio Derrick Angeles – 7A
– Math Olympiad Round- Gold
Yuan Ramirez – 8A
– Math Olympiad Round – Silver
– Math Mastermind Round – Gold
Josh Daniel Cua – 11A
– Math Olympiad Round – Bronze
– Math Mastermind Round – Silver
Matthew Shawn Tansiongkun – 12A
– Math Olympiad Round – Bronze
– Math Mastermind Round – Silver
– Math Sports Round – Silver
Richwyn Cedric Ong – 12B
– Math Olympiad Round – Sliver

Youth Excellence in Science (YES) Awards 2020 – October 30 , 2020

Every year, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) awards selected students for their exemplary achievements  in the fields of science and mathematics. Those who receive this award are Filipino students who  win gold, silver and bronze medals in the individual or team categories in international science and mathematics competitions.

At this year’s YES Awards, 14 skilled and talented high school Xaverians were honored:

  • Robert William Ang – 7C
  • Sean Pio Derrick Angeles – 7A
  • Amery Atinon – 11A
  • Lyonel Justin Ching – 11A
  • Anthony Vince Co – 9C
  • Josh Daniel Cua – 11A
  • Joaquin Gabriel Malachi De Castro – 9B
  • Aiden Kyle Ng – 7F
  • Richwynn Cedric Ong – 12A
  • Luis Hugo Ramirez – 10C
  • Yuan Manolo Ramirez – 8A
  • Marcus Sean Tansiongkun – 10C
  • Matthew Shawn Tansiongkun – 12B
  • Steven Ziggy Tio – 8D

The Xavier community warmly congratulates these students for their passion and dedication to competence in mathematics. Luceat lux!

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