XS Places 3rd Most Outstanding School as Xaverians Dominate Hong Kong Math Olympiad

You are currently viewing XS Places 3rd Most Outstanding School as Xaverians Dominate Hong Kong Math Olympiad

Xaverians won awards in the Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad (HKIMO) held on May 29, 2022. The number of gold, silver, and bronze medals won allowed Xavier School to place 3rd Most Outstanding Schools as ranked by the Math Olympiad Training League Inc. (MOTLI) . 

HKIMO is a math competition that promotes mathematical olympiads all over the world. The said competition links all mathematically talented students together and increases students’ interest in math in general.

The five different contest topics of HKIMO are as follows: Logical Thinking, Arithmetic (for Kindergarten/Primary Section), Algebra (Secondary Section), Number Theory, Geometry and Combinatorics.

Here are the Xaverians who bagged awards in the heat round:

Kaiser Sayvion Sy (G1G)
Lewis Craig Tansipek (G1J)
Edison Ong (G1G)
Gifford Dave Chan (G3J)
Jayden Thompson Ong (G3D)
Brayden Connor See (G6A)
Riley James Tee (7B)
Jared Christian Cruz (G7C)

Alec Nathan Rongo (G10F)
Mikhail Borbe (G12F)
Miguel Sebastian Borbe (G12G)

Pierre Jacob Ang (G1C)
Jacob Alexander Lim (G1E)
Lucas John Aquino (G3A)
Edrick Marco Tang (G3A)
Spencer Avery Go (G3E)
Karl Jayden Kim (G3I)
Benson Kenzie Ng (G4H)
Daniel Travis Yu Kim Teng (G4J)
Christoff Von Edrich Ang (G5C)
Matthew Collin Ong Guzman (G5D)
Regidor Ma. Ponferrada (G6A)
Justin Maven Lee (G9G)
Yuan Manolo Ramirez (G10A)
Luis Hugo Ramirez (G12A)

Liam Alexandre Chua (G2B)
Cole Jonathan Dee (G2B)
Allen Cu-Uy-Gam (G2E)
Daniel George Cotoco (G3A)
Liam Matthew Cu (G3A)
Donald Oliver Horsburgh (G3A)
Aahil Syed (G3B)
Justin Stefan See (G3E)
Henry Ian Tan (G3E)
Devlin Reid Uy (G3E)
Lucas Miguel Yedra (G3G)
Santiago Jacobo Henson (G3K)
Theodore Constantine Rios (G3K)
Enzo Evangelista (G4B)
Alexander Philippe Chan (G4C)
Jacob Oliver Dy (G4D)
Tyger Axel Uy (G4F)
Pedro Javier Yapjoco (G4H)
Bruce Johannes Bobadilla (G5H)
Rafael Victor Lee (G5H)
Santino Erik Gonzales (G6A)
Theodore Oliver Ng (G6G)
Magnus Szoren Li (G6H)
Zachary Isberto (G7A)
Marjohn Gil Marasigan (G7A)
Travis Emmanuel Ng (G7B)
Alejandro Tan (G7B)
David Liam Tan (G7B)
Zachary Ethan Co (G7C)
Aidan Cedric Laconico (G7C)
Jacques Derek Ong (G7C)
Emilio Javier Uysipuo (G7C)
Kean Riley Go Tong (G7D)
Ian Sean Uy (G7I)

A significant number of students also achieved the Merit Award. The complete list of winners may be viewed here

Congratulations to our Xaverians for winning these awards and bringing honor to the school. Luceat Lux! 

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