Xaverians’ Major Win at Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macao Greater Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad (Big Bay Bei) Final Round

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We are very proud to share to the community that our grade school students received awards in the final round of the 2021 Guang Dong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad held last March 20, 2022.

Year after year, Xavier School students continue to show their best and bag  awards in the said contest. 

The following young Xaverians were amongst thousands of young delegates from the many participating countries from around Asia:

Second Prize

  1. Gifford Dave Chan of 2L
  2. Mazon Zian Chua of 2C
  3. Aiden Mason Chua Ang of 2L
  4. Jayden Thompson Ong of 2J
  5. Liam Cayden Natividad of 2B
  6. Daniel Travis Yu Kim Teng of 3K
  7. Gavin Barcelon of 4B
  8. Brayden Connor See of 5B
  9. Jared Christian Cruz of 6H
  10. Riley James Ti of 6J
  11. Cameron Leone Lorenzo of 6G
  12. Joseph Alvin Enriquez of 6H
Third Prize
  1. Lewis Craig Tansipek of KL
  2. Jacob Riley Tan of 1D
  3. Rayden Co of 2I
  4. Daniel George Dominic Cotoco of 2F
  5. Karl Jayden Kim of 2H
  6. Justin Stefan See of 2H
  7. Devlin Reid Uy of 2C
  8. Damien Hunter Lee of 2C
  9. Edrick Marco Yu Tang of 2F
  10. Lucas Miguel Yedra of 2H
  11. Matteo Javier Tan of 2E
  12. Matthew Angelo Chang of 2I
  13. Enzo Evangelista of 3C
  14. Greyson Magturo of 3G
  15. Ralph Stefan Que of 3L
  16. Marcus Cedric Vallester of 3L
  17. Pedro Javier Yapjoco of 3L
  18. Matthew Colin Ong Guzman of 4D
  19. Youze Jiang of 4H
  20. Xavi Tomas Cabrera of 4B
  21. Isaiah Ezekiel De Ocampo of 4E
  22. Spencer Stravis Go Chua of 4B
  23. Bruce Johanes Bobadilla of 4F
  24. Gavin Andrew O of 4G
  25. Pablo Miguel Roman IV of 4G
  26. Magnus Szoren Li of 5E
  27. Kristian Massimo Nograles of 5F
  28. Theodore Oliver Ng of 5H
  29. Alejandro Tan of 6G
  30. Ian Sean Uy of 6B
  31. Zachary Isberto of 6B
  32. Lucas Alexander Salvador of 6I
  33. Philip Gregory Pe of 6I
  34. Alexander Miguel Lim of 6G
  35. Brent Johnsen Bobadilla of 6C
  36. Xander Julian Chen of 6I
  37. Jacques Derek Ong of 6H

Merit Award
  1. Calyx Primavera of 2L
  2. Rafael Alfonso De La Paz of 2H
  3. Kyle Henry Penaloza of 3C
  4. Noah Antonio Panlasigui of 3J
Big congratulations to our dear students! Thank you for letting your light shine!

Ms. Miccaela Marcelo

Grade School Math