Xaverians Triumph at 2019 International Mathematics Wizards Challenge

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Last June 16-19, 2019, the International Math Wizards Challenge (IMWiC) was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Philippine delegation to the competition bagged 268 medals and 51 other awards. Of these recognitions, 10 were secured by Xaverians in the grade school and high school levels:

  1. Liam Emmanuel Quilendrino of Gr. 2G – Gold
  2. Matthew Leonardo Javier of Gr. 4H – Gold
  3. Anton Quilendrino of Gr. 5D – Gold
  4. Travis Emmanuel Ng of Gr. 4H – Silver
  5. Bryce Nicolas Chan of Gr. 4E – Silver
  6. Steven Tio of Gr. 7F – Bronze
  7. Kean Riley Tong of Gr. 4A- Bronze
  8. Joaquin de Castro of Gr. 8B – Gold
  9. Vince Co of Gr. 8C – Bronze
  10. Aniceto Cajigal of Gr. 10C – Merit Awardee
Joaquin de Castro and Vince Co at IMWiC 2019

IMWiC is committed to promoting mathematics excellence around the world through annual mathematics competitions. It also pursues the promotion of excellence in mathematics education and establishes a venue for the cooperation and communication among nations. Their advocacy is for people to understand cultural diversities and strengthen the friendship and solidarity among the participants.

The whole Xavier School community is very proud of the winners and congratulates them for a job well done. Let us continuously support them as they continue to succeed in their endeavors.

Luceat Lux!

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