Xavier School Achieves 3rd Apple Distinguished School Accreditation for 2021–2024

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Xavier School is a Catholic, Jesuit,  K–12 college preparatory school with a distinct Chinese- Filipino character. The school’s educational philosophy is based on 400-years of 
Jesuit education: the formation of an individual who is a product of a liberal arts education, with a special concern for the development of personal discipline, a drive for the pursuit of academic excellence, and a commitment to service.

Xavier School is Level 3 Certified, the highest accreditation granted by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP) to basic education institutions.  Xavier School is also an IB World School, authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP), a rigorous and innovative academic program recognized by universities worldwide.

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Combining the best of Jesuit educational tradition with innovation, Xavier School, a pioneer in technology innovation in the Philippines, offers a creative and compelling learning environment that engages students and provides concrete evidence of academic accomplishment.

The new program adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic, aptly called Xavier School E-Learning (XSEL), is designed for diverse contexts, directed towards academic excellence, and aimed at the holistic formation of the Lifelong Learner through meaningful learning experiences that go beyond the confines of a physical classroom.

Committed to the principles of authentic, engaging, and collaborative learning, XSEL is a dynamic response to the rapidly changing world while remaining faithful to the Ignatian ideals of finding God in all things and forming men for others.

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Vision in Action: What is XSEL?

Vision in Action: Glimpse of XSEL


Xavier School teachers continue to foster the 4Cs of 21st century learning, operationalized as the 5 “-ates” (investigate, communicate, collaborate, create, and contemplate) mindfully and purposefully, embedding these in the online learning experiences that they design. 

Equipped with the iPad as their primary online learning device, Xaverians actively explore and investigate problems through digital platforms, such as AR and Virtual Tours apps. They are given agency, choosing how and when to study through flipped learning and curated learning playlists. Xaverians take collaboration and communication to another level using breakout virtual sessions and collaborative apps for literature circles, Socratic seminars, and community showcases.

Xaverians use iPad apps to create real-life solutions to their PBL challenges and pursue creative endeavors in coding and programming. They contemplate and practice critical-thinking through visible thinking routines and graphic organizers on Seesaw, Padlet, and Keynote. To sustain engagement, teachers gamify learning experiences, allowing students to reflect on their experiences and the choices they made, and celebrate their learnings through virtual badges.

All these student-centered learning experiences are the results of the hard work of the teachers who spent weeks in virtual professional learning circles and workshops designed to address their immediate needs in remote teaching with the iPad.

The efficient and judicious use of Apple technologies continues to enable and empower teachers to facilitate learning among the students and to build positive relationships with them despite the challenges of doing these online and from a distance.   

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Learning in Action: Personalized and Engaged Learning in XSEL

Learning in Action: Creativity in XSEL

Learning in Action: Collaboration and Communication in XSEL

Learning in Action: Critical Thinking and Communication in in XSEL

Learning in Action: Getting Ready for XSEL
Teacher Professional Learning 


XSEL is the product of an intensive 2-level curriculum audit, where the original curriculum was trimmed to have only the most enduring content, relevant topics, and essential skills our students need.  

Surveys and focus group discussions were conducted to students, parents, and teachers throughout the year to check how well they responded to XSEL. With the collected data, adjustments in instruction, procedures, training, and policies were made; this included the expansion of the 1:1 program down to Grade 3. 

Amidst all the adjustments and changes however, Xavier stays true to its Jesuit brand of education, done through strengthening Engagement through Reflection, establishing Empathy through Context, advancing Excellence through Action, and expanding Expertise through Evaluation even in this new environment.

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Sucess in Action


In June 2021, Xavier welcomed a new school year with XSEL 2.0. which include coding in the primary grades, stronger interdisciplinary learning through project-based learning, and the use of an MDM platform to ensure student engagement.  

Xavier also continues to retool its teachers with the necessary skills needed for online teaching through relevant professional development, covering topics such as online classroom management, best pedagogical practices for remote learning, and mental well-being of students and faculty.

XSEL continues to evolve, but remains true to the school’s vision and mission. It provides a balance that allows Xavier to flexibly adjust to the changing times, as well as to pursue its commitment in offering an education rich with innovations built on traditions.

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ADS Core Committee

Overall Coordinators

Jessica Demegillo (NExT/Computer Education)

Jim Tuscano (GS CLE, EdTech Coordinator)

Christian Bumatayo (SHS English, EdTech Coordinator)

Vision, Learning and Success group leaders

Dessa Macaraig (SHS English, SHS TILT)

Roger Maghuyop (SHS Filipino)

Jerome Jaime (GS CLE, GS TILT)

Angelo Mallari (JHS CLE, JHS TILT)

Selene Estaris (GS SS, GS TILT)

Design & Layout Artist

Brent Antigua (SHS Visual Arts)

Media Editor

Melvin Gallardo (NExT IT – ITS)

Vision Sub-Committee

Content Editors

Paolo Suapengco (HS English)

Jochelle Preligera (GS English)

Learning Sub-Committee

Video Contributors/Editors

Luis Pelea (GS Lang)

Denise Mariano (GS SS)

Josemarie Salvador (GS Art)

Angelo Badillo (GS CLE)

Julie Lauresta (GS Kinder)

Justine Bacerra (GS G1)

Brian Moreno (JHS English)

Angelo Dy (GS Lang)

Dominic Sales (HS Computer Education)

David Reyes (HS Computer Education)

Pristine Martinez (GS Sci)

Angela Ligumbres (GS Computer Education)

Kyle Borja (GS Math)

Greg Chua (JHS Math)

Lynette del Castillo (GS Computer Education)

Nico Fos (GS Fil)

Sherwin Pablico (GS PE)

Roland de la Cerna (SHS CLE)

Jamiessonn Lao (SHS SocSci)

Voice Actors/Teacher and Student Actors

Joseph Braden Carpio (5D)

Xavier Allen Untalan (5I)

Pio Jose Pineda (5B)

Liam Theodore Chua (4F)

Francisco Javier Domingo (2J)

Daniel Lugay (1D)

Nathan Lugay (5C)

Jimo Salazar (12F)

Farrel Tiu (12I)

Raphael Lugapo (7B)

Yuan Arcenio (KA)

Raphael Marcus Beltran (3B)

Ruiz Alfonso Beltran (1J)

Scyld Nevares (GS Sci)

Jessica Pelagio (GS G2)

Ryan Gaon (GS Math)

Peachy Cruz (GS Reading)

Arthene De Guzman (Grade 1)

Louie Rose Reformado (GS Math)

Maria Amanda Ysabella P. Ollero (GS Language)

Materials/Resources Contributors

Nathaniel Salvador (HS Art)

Faustina Ma. Katrina Belandres (HS Music)

Wynda Untalan (SHS Math)

Robert Carpio (SHS SocSci)

Myra Pineda (Grade 1)

Ma. Monserrat Chua (GS Art)

Aira Maegan Commandante (Grade 1/CLE)

Louie Rose Reformado ( GS Math )

Maria Carmen E. Decena

Joyce Alvarez (GS CLE)

Zarah Berras (DC Reading)

Michelle Saddul (GS SS)

Adrie Javines (GS SS)

Emily Alcantara (GS SS)

Lorraine Sanchez (GS SS)

Cathy Lugay (GS SS)

Jefferson Madarang (GS SS)

Sham Tangpuz (GS Reading)

Kharla Brillo (GS Reading)

Sandra Bautista (GS Reading)

Ann Valerie Dela Pena (JHS Filipino)

Joel Hawod (SHS Science)

Maha Satuito (SHS Filipino)

Mikaela Tal-Layo (JHS Math)

Alwin Reclusado (JHS Math)

Dhen Ramos (JHS Science)

Neicel Falculan (JHS Science)

Sheila Mia Valencia (JHS Science)

RJ Maramag (JHS SocSci)

Dale Pradel (SHS Math)

Tim Castaneda (SHS Math)

Carl Gozo (JHS CLE)

Wil Wong JHS CLE)

Bianca Panganiban (SHS English)

Jika Regala (SHS IB)

David Magbanua (SHS IB)

Marie Rose Lugapo (GS Math DC)

Esther Jhudiel M. Dela Vega (Kinder)

Glenn Gacutan (GSPE)

Angela Beltran (GS Math)

Success Subcommittee


Elsa Santos (JHS CLE)

Alwin Reclusado (JHS Math)

Franco Nicolo Addun (JHS SocSci)

Mau Vardeleon (SHS Science)

Jude Liao (IPO Coordinator)
Kharla Brillo (GS Reading)

Eden Romaine Reyes (GS Language)
Angela Ligumbres (GS Computer Education)

Video and Voice Over

Kharla Brillo (GS Reading)

Sarah Andrea Viana (GS Computer Education)

Angela Ligumbres (GS Computer Education)
Melvin Gallardo (NExT IT – ITS)

Olna Funtanar ( GS Math )

Danica Subang (GS Reading)

Ryan Gaon ( GS Math )

Sherwin Pablico (GS PE)

Luis Pelea (GS English)

Kyle Borja (GS Math)

Ghira Casille (GS Music)

Ross Afinidad (GS CLE)

Adrie Javines (GS SS)

Dianne Guilles (GS English)

Carlo Sotero (GS Art)

Pristine Martinez (GS Science)

Materials/Resources Contributors

Pierre Reniva (HS SAP Coordinator)

Alwin Reclusado (JHS Math)

Franco Nicolo Addun (JHS SocSci)


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