Xavier School Grade School Holds First General Assembly For SY 2022–2023

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The Grade School Unit held its first hyflex general assembly last Monday, July 18, 2022.   Two class representatives from each section in Grades 2–6 assembled at the XS Sports Center to participate physically in the live assembly, while the rest of their Roomie and Zoomie classmates stayed inside the classroom and participated via Zoom and the XS YouTube channel.

Xavier School President Fr. Aristotle Dy, SJ gave the opening remarks noting, β€œOur national and school symbols are reminders that we belong to God.  We belong to our country, and we belong to our school. We have patron saints in every class to help us along our paths. We have spiritual warriors who are always there, ready to intercede for us, in all our deeds.”

The ceremony continued with a prayer service led by Fr. Felipe Yohan, SJ, the school chaplain. Tyler Jaden Depano of Grade 6C read the petitions, which were followed by the litany of saints and Jesuit class patrons. Fr. Yohan then blessed the school and national symbols to be installed in the classrooms.   The blessing was followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem, the reciting of the Panatang Makabayan, and the singing of the San Juan hymn and the school song β€œLuceat Lux”.

Grade School Principal Mrs. Jane Cacacho gave the closing remarks. β€œThe last two years have made what was ordinary as precious moments that need to be cherished. And so, as we hold our first general assembly this morning, I urge all of you to see each class period, each school day, each encounter with a teacher and a classmate as a gift. Let us be thankful for the opportunity to continue to be able to enjoy a Xavier education,” urged Mrs. Cacacho. β€œAs the class representatives bring back the symbols, let the symbols be our constant reminder to give our best, to give our all as though each day is the last,” Mrs. Cacacho added.

The ceremony ended with the class representatives solemnly bringing and mounting the symbols inside the classrooms. 

Xavier School San Juan opened its doors for hyflex onsite schooling last June 20, 2022, more than two years after the lockdown in March 2020. 

Xavier School President Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ
Class representatives receiving the school and national symbols
Mrs. Jane C. Cacacho, GS Principal
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