Xavier Students Excel in the Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad 2023

TIMO - Global Olympiads Academy


We are very proud to share to the whole Xavier community that some of our students earned awards in the concluded Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad 2023 – Final Round. The awarding ceremony was held online last May 1, 2023.

The Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad (TIMO) is an annual competition that enables students to strengthen and showcase their abilities in logical thinking, arithmetic and algebra, number theory, geometry, and combinatorics.

The following Xaverians bagged awards amongst hundreds of participants from different countries in Asia:
(NOTE: The grade levels of the students are for SY 2023 – 2024)

Brayden Connor See (Grade 7)

Edison Ong (Grade 2)
Lewis Craig Tansipek (Grade 2)
Liam Harry Tan (Grade 3)
Jacob Riley Tan (Grade 3)
James Kristoff Palmes (Grade 3)
Jayden Thompson Ong (Grade 4)
Daniel Travis Yu Kim Teng (Grade 5)
Matthew Colin Guzman (Grade 6)
Spencer Stravis Chua (Grade 6)

Kaiser Manly (Grade 1)
Sean Liam So (Grade 3)
Steven Lao (Grade 3)
David Nathaniel Shaw (Grade 3)
Brett Gaddiel Ong Kian Koc (Grade 3)
Allen Cu-Uy-Gam (Grade 3)
Rayden Bryce Co (Grade 4)
Matteo Javier Tan (Grade 4)
Aidan Drake Sy (Grade 4)
Aaron Blake Sy (Grade 4)
Justin Stefan See (Grade 4)
Aiden Mason Ang (Grade 4)
Matthew Angelo Chang (Grade 4)
Lucas John Aquino (Grade 4)
Liam Matthew Cu (Grade 4)
Edrick Marco Tang (Grade 4)
Spencer Avery Go (Grade 4)
Jon Gabriel Rabo (Grade 4)
Albert Raul Muñoz (Grade 4)
Daniel George Cotoco (Grade 4)
Marcus Cedric Vallester (Grade 5)
Johann Xavier Go (Grade 5)
Josiah Nathann Dee (Grade 6)
Travis Ryker Cua (Grade 6)
Jacques Derek Ong (Grade 8)
Isiah Emmanuel Ty (Grade 8)

Alexander Hunter Lee (Grade 3)
Devlin Reid Uy (Grade 4)
Liam Cayden Natividad (Grade 4)
Theodore Constantine Rios (Grade 4)
Alexander Gavin Uy (Grade 4)
Cryss Clyve Ocampo (Grade 5)
Matt Gregory Wee (Grade 5)
Pedro Javier Yapjoco (Grade 5)
Enzo Evangelista (Grade 5)
Ralph Stefan Que (Grade 5)
Benson Kenzie Ng (Grade 5)
Harvey Ian Tan (Grade 5)

Congratulations to our dear students! Continue to let your light shine!

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