Xavier School Wins Most Outstanding School in Guang Dong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad 2022 Heat Round

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We are very proud to share to the community the names of the grade school and high school students who have earned Xavier School the Most Outstanding School award for bagging 15 gold, 26 silver, 42 bronze, and 11 merit awards in the recently concluded Guang Dong-Hong-Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad 2022 Heat Round – Philippine Region (Big Bay Bei 2022 Heat).  

The following Xaverians were amongst hundreds of participants from different regions in the Philippines:

Gold Award

Kaiser Manly  (Kinder)
Lewis Craig Tansipek  (Grade 1)
Kaiser Sayvion Sy (Grade 1)
Edison Ong  (Grade 1)
Pierre Jacob Ang  (Grade 1)
Austin Chase Ang  (Grade 2)
Stephen Adler Garcia  (Grade 2)
Gifford Dave Tio Chan  (Grade 3)
Liam Matthew Sy Cu  (Grade 3)
Jayden Thompson Ong  (Grade 3)
Karl Jayden Kim  (Grade 3)
Daniel George Dominic Cotoco  (Grade 3)
Daniel Travis Yu Kim Teng  (Grade 4)
Brayden Connor See  (Grade 6)
Alec Nathan Rongo  (Grade 12)

Silver Award

Jacob Alexander Lim  (Grade 1)
David Nathaniel Shaw  (Grade 2)
Liam Ferrer  (Grade 2)
Lee Theodore Calantoc  (Grade 2)
Sean Liam So  (Grade 2)
Clarence Gutierrez  (Grade 2)
Darren Tyrese Cotoco  (Grade 2)
Rayden Bryce Co  (Grade 3)
Justin Stefan See  (Grade 3)
Matthew Angelo Chang  (Grade 3)
Aiden Mason Ang  (Grade 3)
Matteo Javier Tan  (Grade 3)
Devin Reid Uy  (Grade 3)
Enzo Evangelista  (Grade 4)
Pedro Javier Yapjoco  (Grade 4)
Ralph Stefan Que  (Grade 4)
Benzon Kenzie Ng  (Grade 4)
Stefano Kenzo Lim  (Grade 4)
Rafael Lee  (Grade 5)
Xavi Tomas Cabrera  (Grade 5)
Alexander Miguel Lim  (Grade 7)
Joseph Alvin Enriquez  (Grade 7)
Alejandro Tan  (Grade 7)
Ethan Tyler Lim  (Grade 7)
Yuan Manolo Ramirez  (Grade 10)
Luis Hugo Ramirez  (Grade 12)

Bronze Award

Allen Cu-Uy-Gam  (Grade 2)
Cole Jonathan Dee  (Grade 2)
Jacob Paul Lim  (Grade 2)
Chip Asher Siao  (Grade 2)
Jaime Emmanuel Verayo  (Grade 2)
Alex Benedict Yao  (Grade 2)
Owen Lazlo Co Roxas-Chua  (Grade 2)
Pierre Austin Uy  (Grade 2) 
Yzaak Thiago Laguerta  (Grade 3)
Jared Brent Lim  (Grade 3)
Ethan Keith Agpaoa  (Grade 3)
Theodore Constantine Rius  (Grade 3)
Kieffer Co Yu Kang  (Grade 3)
Albert Raul Munoz  (Grade 3)
Cryss Clyve Ocampo  (Grade 4)
Marcus Cedric Vallester  (Grade 4)
Schyler Matthew Atienza  (Grade 4)
John Colin Cua  (Grade 4)
Louis Matthieu Yu  (Grade 4)
Grayson Magturo  (Grade 4)
Colin Davis Pe  (Grade 4)
Gavin Jacob Co  (Grade 5)
Christoff Von Edrich Ang  (Grade 5)
Matthew Colin Ong Guzman  (Grade 5)
Josiah Nathan Dee  (Grade 5)
Tristan Jakob Fajardo  (Grade 5)
Dresden Reese Lorenzo  (Grade 5)
Gerardo Miguel Vargas  (Grade 5)
Bruce Johanes Bobadilla  (Grade 5)
Regido Ma. Ponferrada  (Grade 6)
Magnus Li  (Grade 6)
Zach Joseph Magat  (Grade 6)
Dylan Koji Co Roxas-Chua  (Grade 6)
Anthony III Kyle Andrei Ortiz  (Grade 6)
Cameron Lorenzo  (Grade 7)
Zachary Isberto (Grade 7)
Ian Sean Uy  (Grade 7)
Isiah Emmanuel Ty  (Grade 7)
Keith Bryant Tan  (Grade 7)
Brent Johnsen Bobadilla  (Grade 7)
Marcus Tansipek  (Grade 8)
Hans Kenzo Tama  (Grade 10)

Merit Award

Trey Matteo Co Roxas-Chua  (Grade 2)
Noah Antonio Panlasigui  (Grade 4)
Luis Alfonso Tortona  (Grade 5)
Evan Garett Sy  (Grade 5)
Jeremy Grant Jao  (Grade 5)
John Mateo Villamayor  (Grade 5)
Melvin Johan Tan  (Grade 5)
Andrew Cai  (Grade 6)
Lance Patrick Dy Chua  (Grade 7)
Geoffrey Drew Tan  (Grade 7)
Christopher Noah Chua  (Grade 7)

The national awarding will be held at Notre Dame of Greater Manila on January 15, 2023. The Big Bay Bei 2022 Final Round will be held in March 2023.

The Big Bay Bei is an annual competition organized by the Olympiad Champion Education Center in Hong Kong which is open to Primary 1-12 students. The objectives of the competition include stimulating and fostering young learners’ interest in Mathematics, strengthening the ability of the students’ creative and critical thinking, and promoting the development of kindergarten, primary, and secondary education and exchange of educational cultures across countries.

Congratulations to our dear students! Continue to let your light shine as you participate in the final round in March!

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