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Throughout the pandemic, quarantine restrictions have been imposed to ensure everyone’s safety, and the drastic change in lifestyle has caused families many challenges. 

As a response to requests by parents and alumni to visit the school and allow family members to have some fresh air and use the outdoor facilities, Xavier School has opened its doors through Pockets of Wellness

With the lowered alert level, Pockets of Wellness was launched on November 18, 2021. Through a systematic method of reservation, pre-approval, timed visits, and strict implementation of health and safety protocols, families were able to visit Xavier School for two-hour slots on weekday afternoons and weekends. 

Since its launch, Pockets of Wellness has received very positive response. To date, there have been 991 bookings, 44% of which were on weekdays and 56% on weekends. 

The total number of persons who have visited is 4,652, majority of which were students (90.31%)Across the year levels, the most frequent student visitors were from kindergarten (18.67%), and the most visited venue was the EED playground (22.3%). The data reflects how important it is for the younger ones to just go out and play.

Pockets of Wellness is open to current students, alumni, faculty, and staff, 2:30–4:30 p.m. on weekdays and 7:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m. on weekends. The available venues are the EED playground, the GS Outdoor Playground, and the Upper/Lower Football Field. The reservation must be made at least three days before the target date of visit. 

The Pockets of Wellness memo and guidelines may be viewed here

The reservation form may be accessed here

Through the Pockets of Wellness initiative, Xavier School hopes to continue taking care of the community’s overall wellbeing and usher everyone toward the new normal.

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