BM Entrep Returns to Onsite Selling for First Time Since Pandemic

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Grade 12 BM teachers and students with Fr. Ari Dy, SJ

Entrep is back in business!

For the first time since the COVID pandemic, Business Management students from Grade 12 were able to set up shops and sell products in person.

Rebranded as Entrep BaXSaar, the project serves as the culmination of the two-year Business Management course, giving Senior High School students the chance to put two school years’ worth of learning, planning, and organization into practice.

This year, 33 groups — composed of 170 seniors — set up shops at Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas Center for two consecutive weekends: January 28-29 and February 4-5. Prior to that, Entrep groups also had the option to sell at the High School Canteen.

During the four days of mall-selling, groups enthusiastically offered a wide range of products — from rice bowls and gyoza, to cookies and ice cream, to hats and T-shirts.

The rewards of finally being able to resume Entrep BaXSaar was not lost on the students.

Kyle Ting of Café Creamery appreciated being able to sell face-to-face. In fact, his group was among the top sellers at Robinsons Galleria. “The mall-selling was definitely a learning experience for both me and my group mates on how a business should run,” he said. 

“Yes, there were times when we faced a few problems here and there, but that’s just part of the experience. Although stressful, it has really been an enjoyable moment to bond with my teachers, batchmates, and my awesome group,” Kyle added.

Nathaniel Bartolome of Yoyu Rice Burgers echoed the advantages of being able to apply the lessons he learned in BM class. “There were many invaluable lessons that we learned that cannot be learned through lectures in a classroom.”

As for the future of the program, he hopes it will provide Entrep groups with “additional locations and/or partner malls [that] will allow students to experience a wider variety of customers.”

What were the BM teachers’ impressions of their students’ efforts? Mr. Jamiessonn Lao, Curriculum Leader for Business Management, summed it up: “I’m proud of all the Grade 12 Entrep groups, as they were all able to successfully sell their products in the mall. Many of them encountered problems, like running out of stock, tardiness, and disagreements within teams. However, they were able to sort things out and continue their business operations.”

Ms. Huey Silo, CSR Manager of Robinsons Land Corporation, coordinated the organization’s partnership with Xavier School and facilitated Entrep BaXSaar’s return to mall-selling. She envisions an expanded, more challenging program for participants. “In the coming years, I would like to try opening opportunities to sell in other Robinsons Malls, like Robinsons Magnolia or Robinsons Manila,” she explained. “It would also be interesting to explore the possibility of having Entrep operations through an entire week [as it] would be a great test of our students’ planning abilities.”

Congratulations to all of the Grade 12 Business Management students. Luceat lux!

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