Chinese Lunar New Year of the Tiger 2022

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Dear Members of the Xavier Family,

Today the lunar new year begins, ushering in the year of the tiger.  The tiger, being the king of the animal world in the Chinese mindset, represents courage, fearlessness, and leadership. These are qualities we need this year as we learn to live with the virus and move on with our lives. That additional stroke on the wang 王 in the tiger’s head, is a reminder to us of who is really in charge and deserves our worship, our respect, our prayers–God or 天主.  Jesus teaches his disciples not to worry about what to eat and what to wear, to seek first God’s righteousness so that everything else follows. Do not worry about tomorrow, we are told. We submit ourselves to Tianzhu 天主, the one who holds all of us in the palm of their divine hands. We devoutly rely on God’s grace, and hope for better days in the year of the tiger!

May God bless you all!

Fr Ari Dy, SJ
School President

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