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Despite the cancellation of all our plans this year of joining a competition, hosting our first ever concert, and collaborating with other artists because of the pandemic, we would like to continue to show our dedication, determination and perseverance through the music we make.

We chose the legendary Beatles’ song, “Yesterday,” as it made a great impact to our group the moment we heard it, due to its meaningful composition. While we knew that the song will be a challenge to the group, we are excited to render it in our unique way–from the vocal arrangement, riffs, to the genre itself–which differs from our current repertoire. Knowing the obstacles, we planned weekly meetings, daily vocal exercises and continuous workshops.

Looking back at De Novo’s own “yesterday'” serves as our motivation to be better and inspiration to continue the legacy they have left. To our Kuyas in De Novo, here’s our entry to one of the covers of Boyz II Men. Enjoy!

No copyright infringement intended. Use earphones for a better experience.

De Novo is a singing ensemble composed of students from Xavier School, San Juan. With stylistic grace and an adventurous spirit, De Novo seeks to enrich and inspire through their music.

Visit their Facebook page to learn more about the group.

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