Xaverian bags an award at the Innopolis Open Olympiad

You are currently viewing Xaverian bags an award at the Innopolis Open Olympiad

Last March 6, 2021, the final round of the Innopolis Open Olympiad in Mathematics was held online. It is an international contest for high school students annually held by Innopolis University. It is not only one of Russia’s youngest universities but also the new city’s intellectual center. The problems in the Olympiad are prepared by winners of International competitions and professionals in IT. 

The contest consists of two rounds and the final round. Xavier School San Juan’s very own Joaquin De Castro was the top scorer in the 2nd round and won 3rd place in the final round of the contest. 

Xavier School is very proud and congratulates Joaquin for a job well done and continuously supports him as he continues to pursue and excel in all his endeavors. 

Luceat Lux!

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