Xavier School Ranks First in the 2019 International Singapore Maths Competition (ISMC)

You are currently viewing Xavier School Ranks First in the 2019 International Singapore Maths Competition (ISMC)
Mrs. Marie Rose Lugapo, GS Math Department Chairperson, receiving the ISMC award

The Xavier School community is proud to recognize the achievements of 89 grade school students who participated in the 2019 International Singapore Maths Competition last March 2, 2019—where Xavier School ranks first among all participating schools in the Philippines. Participants were given their awards last August 3, 2019.

The young Math wizards who competed at the ISMC last school year are as follows:

Levi Jet Ong (Grade 2), Gold

Aidan Cedric Laconico (Grade 3), Gold

Emilio Javier Uysipuo (Grade 3), Gold

Madison Wynn Chua, (Grade 6), Gold

Yuan Manolo Ramirez (Grade 6), Gold

Alex Manuel (Grade 6), Gold

Elijah Marcus Valencia (Grade 2), Silver

Dylan Roxas Chua (Grade 2), Silver

Marcus Francisco Wee (Grade 2), Silver

Luis Benito Policarpio (Grade 2), Silver

Theodore Oliver Ng (Grade 2), Silver

Kristian Massimo Nograles (Grade 2), Silver

Nathan Caleb Wee (Grade 2), Silver

Jacob Tyler Dionisio (Grade 2), Silver

Joshua Dwyne Hao (Grade 2), Silver

Juan Lorenzo Marqueses (Grade 2), Silver

Santino Gonzalez (Grade 2), Silver

Jared Cruz (Grade 3), Silver

Ian Sean Uy (Grade 3), Silver

Cameron Leone Lorenzo (Grade 3), Silver

Jacques Derek Ong (Grade 3), Silver

Zachary Co (Grade 3), Silver

David Tan (Grade 3), Silver

Miguel Silva (Grade 3), Silver

Isiah Emmanuel Ty (Grade 3), Silver

Juan Rafael Mendoza (Grade 3), Silver

Alejandro Tan (Grade 3), Silver

Zachary Isberto (Grade 3), Silver

Tyler John Lim (Grade 3), Silver

Brent Johnsen Bobadilla (Grade 3), Silver

Colin Karl Tio (Grade 3), Silver

Lucas Alexander Salvador (Grade 3), Silver

Noah Chua (Grade 3), Silver

Enzo Clyde Abott (Grade 3), Silver

Gregory Uy (Grade 3), Silver

Michael Bachoco (Grade 4), Silver

Jude Que (Grade 4), Silver

Troy Dylan Serapio (Grade 4), Silver

Gael Alimurong (Grade 4), Silver

Jacob Agcaoili (Grade 5), Silver

Sean Angeles (Grade 5), Silver

Lance Jacob Tangsoc (Grade 5), Silver

Ethan Jacob Liao (Grade 5), Silver

Daniel Beng Hui (Grade 5), Silver

Charles Andrew Reyes (Grade 5), Silver

Marcus Castro (Grade 6), Silver

Tristan Ng (Grade 6), Silver

Ryan Vincent Dy (Grade 6), Silver

Maxwell Keenan Chua (Grade 2), Bronze

Joseph Braden Carpio (Grade 2), Bronze

Paxton Travis Tan (Grade 2), Bronze

Vito Sales (Grade 2), Bronze

Thomas Prince Corachea (Grade 2), Bronze

Vance Collin Lopez (Grade 2), Bronze

Kevin Yu (Grade 2), Bronze

Elian Philip Ang (Grade 2), Bronze

Magnus Szoren Li (Grade 2), Bronze

Regidor Ma Ponferrada (Grade 2), Bronze

Andres Gabriel Atienza (Grade 2), Bronze

Riley Sy (Grade 2), Bronze

Christopher Lucien Dy (Grade 3), Bronze

Matthew Javier (Grade 3), Bronze

Aldrick Jarell Gopez (Grade 3), Bronze

Gavin Ong (Grade 3), Bronze

Raphael Souza (Grade 3), Bronze

Joseph Alvin Enriquez (Grade 3), Bronze

Julian Tiongco (Grade 3), Bronze

Paulo Pua (Grade 3), Bronze

Jacob Tay (Grade 3), Bronze

Dominic Bachoco (Grade 4), Bronze

Jaden Quinn Ramin (Grade 4), Bronze

Santino Karlo Lim (Grade 4), Bronze

Dartagnan Mariquit (Grade 4), Bronze

Miguel Ybanez (Grade 4), Bronze

Richburt Castel Ong (Grade 4), Bronze

Raphael Antonio Lugapo (Grade 4), Bronze

Paulo Manuel Gorospe (Grade 4), Bronze

Anton Mateo Quilendrino (Grade 4), Bronze

Joaquin Ivan Ang (Grade 4), Bronze

Jayden Renzo Sy (Grade 4), Bronze

Aidan Co (Grade 4), Bronze

Juan Carlos Mendoza (Grade 5), Bronze

Drake Yaomuntek (Grade 5), Bronze

Lucas Beni Dy (Grade 5), Bronze

Tyler Lim (Grade 5), Bronze

Sebastian Silva (Grade 5), Bronze

Gregory Danao (Grade 6), Bronze

Colin Roxas-Chua (Grade 6), Bronze

Aethan Mikko Gocheco (Grade 6), Bronze

Congratulations and Luceat Lux!

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  1. Denis Ty

    Xavier Nuvali was 3rd place too.
    Luceat Lux

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