Xavier Students Emerge Victorious in 2020 WIMO Finals

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Last January 2–3, 2021, the 2020 World International Mathematical Olympiad (WIMO) was held online, and the event concluded with two Xaverians winning awards. 

WIMO is a union of the GLOBAL Mathematical society that trains Maths elite students. It aims to invite all gold winners from HKIMO, TIMO, and BBB Finals to learn with former IMO winners. To promote Mathematical Olympiad all over the world, WIMO provides an intensive training and valuable experience on  Mathematical Olympiad lessons with top Maths elite students.

Xavier School is pleased to announce that two of its students were victorious in the  2020 WIMO Finals:   

Yuan Manolo H. Ramirez (8A): Merit Award, Secondary 1 Category

Richwynn Cedric U. Ong  (12A): Gold, Senior Secondary Category

Richwynn is the world champion of his category, defeating delegates from 12 different countries. 

The full video of the awarding ceremony may be viewed in the Youtube video below (Yuan Manolo Ramirez from 1:23:49 to 1:24:00 and Richwynn Cedric Ong from 1:39:40 to 1:42:29).

In his speech, Richwynn shared the following statement:

Just like many of you, I have been participating in competitions since grade school, but it was really during the community quarantine period due to Covid-19 that I have grown to appreciate how mathematics has been my companion, giving me strength and meaning in this challenging time.

Xavier School is truly proud of these students who continue to let their light shine even during challenging times. Congratulations and Luceat Lux!

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