XS Community Celebrates Annual Red Mass

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The Xavier School community celebrated the annual Red Mass where all students, faculty, staff, and alumni gathered at the Fr. Rafael Cortina, SJ Sports Center for the Eucharistic celebration, June 21, 2024.

It has been a common tradition among Jesuit schools, including Xavier School, to hold a mass at the start of the school year as a means of celebrating the Pentecost and invoking the Holy Spirit for guidance and fortitude throughout the academic year.

Fr. Joseph Haw, SJ presided the Mass which marks the first Red Mass hosted by him in his new position as incumbent school president.

After the first and second readings, Fr. Haw gave a homily that emphasized the significance of the Holy Spirit and its gifts. He then addressed the meanings conveyed by the symbols of fire and wind in relation to the Holy Spirit. Fire, he articulated, symbolizes passion, while wind represents guidance and direction. To conclude, Fr. Haw asserted that one does not necessarily need to be extraordinary to bring about real change in his or her endeavors, tying the messages of the Mass to the school’s thrust of excellence fueled by mission.

Before the mass’ conclusion, Fr. Haw gave his final blessings in the Rite of Missioning, re-emphasizing Xaverians’ need to direct their passion in a mission striving for excellence and use the Holy Spirit’s gifts to shine brightly in a mission for change.

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