Entering the Literary World – Grade School Literacy Month 2023

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It’s that time of the year again, and no, it’s not Christmas—it’s Literacy Month! Every November, the Reading and Language departments curate a series of exciting activities to celebrate literacy. This year’s theme, “Literature Reimagined: Turning Words into Worlds,” was launched with the Jazz Up Your Wordrobe Parade (JUYW) last November 7. The parade, designed to promote literature and enhance vocabulary, transported the school into different worlds as students creatively dressed up and represented a wide range of vocabulary words based on their grade levels’ assigned themes.

During the parade, Grade School students dove into the Oceanic Oasis with the Kinder students, explored an Enchanted Garden with Grade 1, saw the Fairy Tale Land through Grade 2, embarked on an Adventure with Grade 3, traveled beyond earth into the Space Explorers’ Universe with Grade 4, revisited the Mythical Metropolis with Grade 5, and battled with Grade 6 in the Heroes’ Arena. 

Through the Jazz Up Your Wordrobe parade, the students had the opportunity to show their creativity and resourcefulness through the amazing costumes they prepared. The JUYW parade also introduced many characters from books that students have yet to read and discover, opening up their minds through the display of new vocabulary words.

After the parade, various activities were held for different grade levels. Kinder and Grade 1 enjoyed a Vocabulary Show and Tell, Spelling Bee, and Literacy Olympics. Grades 2 to 4 students participated in Word WizardXS, the Storytelling Extravaganza, and XSpell Quest. The Grade 5 students took part in a Poetry Competition at the Multi-Purpose Hall, while the Grade 6 students had their Lightning Talk Competition at the Gotuaco Yu Auditorium.

The fun did not end there! Grades 2-6 students had a chance to participate in Lit and Art from November 7-21 and a Book Swapping activity from November 13 to December 14. Supervised Lunch Activities like the Spelling Bee, XSay It Precisely, and Book TalkXS were held last November 13 to 24. Penmanship competitions, available to Kinder to Grade 6 students, were also held throughout November. Additionally, the Pen Pal Project was relaunched this November, giving Grades 4-6 students an opportunity to write letters to students from Malaysia. The Learning Resource Center also launched the Book Passport activity and Book Fairs for all students. Lastly, Kinder and Grade 1 students also had various Circle Time and IBA activities promoting literacy throughout November.

Through Author Spotlight, students had a chance to converse and interact with authors like Nick Eliopulos, author of Minecraft Books; Yvette Fernandez, author of Dancing Waters – The Story of Leni Robredo and Simply Jesse; and Genaro Gojo-Cruz, author of Kayang Kaya ko na Maging Kuya. Even Kinder and Grade 1 students met various authors and illustrators like Tippy Go and Maita Salvador, author of When Zero Left Numberland. 

What a spectacular November it has been! With the final chapter closing, the Grade School literary adventure has been a resounding success! From enchanting parades to spirited competitions, from lively book swaps to the joy of connecting with esteemed authors, the month has been a rollercoaster of literary delights. 

As the thrilling journey wraps up, the joy of reading and the power of words will continue to inspire and ignite Xaverian spirits. There is no question that the wonders of literature will stay, lighting up days long after the final pages of November have turned.

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