HKIMO Final Round 2023: Celebrating Xaverian Excellence in Mathematics

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We are very proud to share to the whole Xavier community that 49 of our students received awards in the recently concluded Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad held in Hong Kong, both online and onsite, last
August 26, 2023. The 49 students who won awards in this competition are as follows:

Gold Award:
Edison Ong of G2-C
Lewis Craig Tansipek of G2-B
Romualdo Benito Siapno of G2-F
Blake Maxwell Chayco of G3-C
Jayden Thompson Ong of G4-A

Silver Award:
Cody Daniel Chayco of G1-E
Kaiser Manly of G1-K
Connor Alexander Tan of G2-E
Hugo Miguel Ochoa of G2-C
Nathan Godwin Suva of G3-E
Spencer Avery Go of G4-C
Daniel Travis Yu Kim Teng of G5-E
Josiah Nathann Dee of G6-B
Brayden Connor See
Theodore Oliver Ng
Jared Christian Cruz

Bronze Award:
Aaron Kendrick Ching of G1-C
Dylan Dolendo of G2-B
Pierre Jacob Ang of G2-H
Riley Alexander Lim of G2-E
Scott Riley Uy of G2-J
Aiden Mason Ang of G4-K
Caden William Lim of G4-A
Daniel George Cotoco of G4-E
Ethan Keith Agpaoa of G4-H
Jon Gabriel Rabo of G4-H
Justin Stefan See of G4-E
Liam Matthew Cu of G4-E
Marcus Pio Tiu of G4-E
Matthew Colin Guzman of G6-A
Isiah Emmanuel Ty 
Jacques Derek Ong
Kyle Francis Lato
Zachary Isberto
Marcus Tansipek
Alec Nathan Rongo
Sergei Matteo So
Yuan Manolo Ramirez

Merit Award:
Adam Jacob Noel of G2-J
Jacob Alexander Lim of G2-A
Alfonso Luis Bautista of G3-C
Allen Cu-Uy-Gam of G3-C
Darren Tyrese Cotoco of G3-E
Matthew Angelo Chang of G4-K
Raphael Gian Tuazon of G5-I
Pedro Javier Yapjoco of G5-H
Gavin Jacob Co of G6-D
Alejandro Tan
Travis Emmanuel Ng

Congratulations to our dear students! Continue to let your light shine!

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