Xaverians Emerge as Winners in Math Competitions

Xaverians once again bagged numerous awards in some recently held Math competitions.

Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad (HKIMO)

HKIMO is an annual international Olympiad competition organized by Olympiad Education from Hong Kong and is developed by a team of former IMO winners from Hong Kong. HKIMO aims to create a platform for ALL math enthusiasts around the world to come together for an educational and cultural exchange. The objectives of HKIMO is to foster students’ interest in Mathematical Olympiad and to promote it all over the world. Results were released on October 3.

The students who garnered awards are:
Yuan Manolo Ramirez (G9A) – Gold
Sean Pio Derrick Angeles (G8A) – Silver

Jacob Riley Tan (G1D) – Silver
Steve Jacob Yu (G2D) – Silver
Lucas John Aquino (G2B) – Silver
Jared Christian Cruz (G6H) – Silver
Zachary Isberto (G6B) – Merit
Travis Emmanuel Ng (G6B) – Merit
Jacques Derek Ong (G6H) – Merit
Emilio Javier Uysipuo (G6H) – Merit


17th International Mathematics Competition (IMC)

IMC is an annual international Olympiad competition organized by the International Mathematics Contest Union which aims to popularize Mathematics to the youth around the world. IMC is committed to establishing venues for cooperation and communication in studying mathematics using their “science has no border“ principle and strengthening relationships with students and mentors around the world. Results were released on September 26.

Here are the students who received the awards:
Regidor Ma. Ponferrada (G5A)
Zachary Isberto (G6B)
Joaquin de Castro (G10B)


Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad (SEAMO) 2021

This Mathematical Olympiad is a unique training and assessment platform developing and testing the highest levels of creative thinking and logical reasoning. SEAMO has helped more than 50,000 students across 18 countries develop critical thinking skills that are required to excel in school and in the workplace.

These Xaverians clinched silver and bronze medals:
Alec Nathan Rongo (G9E) – Silver
Shaun Jacob Cua (G7B) – Silver
Rayden Bryce Co (G2I) – Bronze
Josiah Nathann Dee (G4D) – Bronze
Zachary Isberto (G6B) – Bronze
Travis Emmanuel Ng (G6B) – Bronze


SYA Friendship International Mathematics Competition

This international contest is organized by the Hong Kong Mathematical Olympiad School and the International Nurturing Foundation. It was held online on July 31.

The following Xaverians secured medals:
Shaun Jacob Cua (G7B) – Silver
Dylan Koji Roxas-Chua (G5G) – Silver
Jacques Derek Ong (G6H) – Bronze


The whole Xavier community celebrates these achievers as they continue to let their light shine amidst the challenges brought by the pandemic. Congratulations, everyone!

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