Xavier School Celebrates the Reopening and Blessing of the Grade School – Learning Resource Center

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July 1 was a day filled with excitement and joy as Xavier School proudly reopened its Grade School Learning Resource Center (GS LRC). Students, who had eagerly awaited this moment, rejoiced as they finally stepped into the newly restored LRC.

The ceremony began with a heartfelt opening prayer by Ms. Anniela dela Cruz, Learning Resource Center Coordinator, where she passionately emphasized the pivotal role of the LRC in nurturing young minds. Mrs. Jane Cacacho, Principal, shared enthusiastic opening remarks, highlighting the students’ anticipation and emphasizing the LRC as a gateway to new worlds through books.

Following a recent renovation due to fire damage, Mrs. Cacacho expressed heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering dedication of the librarians (Ms. Anniela Dela Cruz, Ms. Krizelda Catalan, Ms. Jamie Vizcarra, Ms. Almia Baluyot), library assistants (Ms. Keii Fuentes, Ms. Liza Utanes, Ms. Neri Arcenio), and the invaluable support from various offices, whose tireless efforts ensured the successful restoration of the LRC.

Fr. Joseph Haw, S.J., School President, led the blessing ceremony and ribbon-cutting, accompanied by Ms. Tess Elizalde, Campus Operations Director; Mrs. Jane Cacacho, Principal; Fr. Arnulfo Bugtas, Jr., S.J., Chaplain for Adult Formation; Mr. Jay Perez, Assistant Principal for Academics; and Ms. Anniela dela Cruz, LRC Coordinator. 

Grades 5 and 6 Class Officers, alongside other school administrators, also joined the celebration, underscoring the LRC’s central role in the school community.

With its new look, the Grade School Learning Resource Center is now ready to serve the Xavier School community once again. As the students step into the refreshed LRC, they can look forward to a year filled with exploration, discovery, and growth.

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